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Hmm FIVE out of TEN 

It's an interesting work and I definitely recommend it. Every chapter is another intrigue but there is always a 'but'. I don't think it grasped the idea of 'love' it tried so hard to convey throughout the whole story. There is some sort of obsession and dependence, bits of other feelings...but definitely not love. IMHO.  

I have one question - how far would you go in order to forgive your love interest? A slap on the cheek? A broken arm? Small theft? Huge theft? And if this money were stolen from your family? How about...your love interest fakes dating with your family yet you are the one he fucks? How about spiked drinks and rape? And...what if he totally ignores you for years when you are beginning him on your knees? You see...that's not love to me. As simple as that.

Once again, I recommend it due to its uniqueness but I do not guarantee the quality. The art is cute tho ~ 

5/10 story
8/10 art
3/10 characters
5/10 overall
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Emy95 Mar 7, 2023

Woah spoilers dude 

Curiousmadra Mar 2, 2023

I personally didn't like this story because of how bland it was and didn't like the idea of the seme being all flirty behind the ukes sisters back....