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MiikaTae Mar 29, 2023

Ah tysm! You're a life saver :]

MiikaTae Mar 29, 2023

Ah yes it is! And I only know english and a tiny bit of french so.. However! I did finish another manga through google translate alone bc it only had 5 chapters in english and the rest was in spanish. Perhaps i could try that route with russian, what site was it you used?

Curiousmadra Mar 5, 2023

Yeah I honestly don't get why they see that type of manga as a kink, I don't find any manga of all sorts that involves rape as a great thing. I don't know who gives a green light on them tbh. Tis what it is! 

That's exactly why I'm finding it hard to find a decent Yaoi without force rape! It's just crazy, ive no words at times lol!

I also dropped that but it wasn't as bad as Hitsuji no Kawa wo Kita Kemono but more boring lol

Gr1ce Sep 22, 2022

Where can I read unconventional love?

Len453 Mar 26, 2021

Sooo to answer your question for national school prince is a girl... well I've read to chapter 121 and there's still nothing about... and where we are in the amnga the reveal is still in A WHILE (unless they cut some of the useless stuff)