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Say "I love you."

Aug 10, 2015

THE STORY IS: Mei Tachibana is an unsocialable girl who has no friends & plans to keep it that way...until she round house kicks Yamato by mistake down a flight of stairs. Yamato is the most popular & attractive guy in the school. After that encounter, Mei has attracted the attention of Yamato. He starts to pursue Mei & little by little he seems to start breaking Mei out of her shell.

Of course the story is going to be cliche. Most popular high school boy pursues the most unpopular girl school & develop a romance around it. Regardless, it wasn't bad. There was nothing special about it & it won't do anything to "wow" you. On the other hand, it was an enjoyable romance to watch develop. It was a romance that I was rooting for the entire way through. In terms of being an enjoyable watch or not, if you're into romances, then Say I love you was a decent watch & worth my time I spent on it. There were a few things that I didn't really care for about it though that kind of kept me from fully enjoying it.


-Firstly, I understand that Mei is supposed to be bad/awkward at social interactions & such, but it kind of got annoying after a while when she constantly doubts herself about everything. Mostly, I thought it was just an overplayed move that I got tired of for a single character.

-The anime developed nicely & smoothly for the most part, it focused soley on Yamato & Mei. While this is not a bad thing, I kind of would've liked to have seen some more development in other characters instead of introducing them & leaving them off on the sidelines.

-The ending. I'm not crazy about romance animes, but I will watch them if they seem interesting. The one thing I have learned about a good romance is to leave off on a good note/ending. Say I love you didn't do that. It just sort of...ended. It had no real conclusive feel to it. While it left off on a positive note, it didn't have a satisfying feeling to everything that has happened up to that point. That's just me. Other people have found it to be great, but I like to walk away from a romance story satisfied & this one didn't live up to it.

OVERALL: I am kind of on the fence about Say I love you. I enjoyed watching polar opposites develop a romance, but the drama fell flat & it was a very unenjoyable ending to a romance that I spent 13 episodes watching the baby steps being taken to an adequate place. Honestly though, it's definitely one of the better romance animes out there.

6/10 story
7/10 animation
6.5/10 sound
6.5/10 characters
6/10 overall

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