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shows I would recommend

ignored movies, only listed the first season if there are multiple. Contains a good mix of genres

Top 40 must watch anime. (Pre-2014)

This list contains my list of the top 40 anime that you should definitely watch. I do not include sequel seasons in this as they have the same name as the first season, so it would just take up room. However, I still recommend...

Top Anime of All Time

Here is a list of my favorite anime of all time. I have excluded OVAs and multiple seasons of shows to limit the amount of space they take up in the list. Consider them part of the original listing. All of these are great anime...

Top Anime (Watched 2014 - 2016)

This is a continuation of my previous list of the top 40 anime pre-2014. This list contains more excellent anime I've watched from 2014 or later. Not in any specific order, all of these are great watches.