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Name: Jonas Greenhigh.

Nicknames: Redd, Reddinkill, Firenixzus and BJ..

I began wacthing Anime when i was about 13 or 14 years old. Can't realy remeber! But anyways the fist one was Dragonball Z. I was amazed by the fight there was going on, that i can't stop wacthing anime shows.. but know i know better. Then i don't realy like thos shows anymore. There take to long. There have to be realy good from the start before i'll watch it all.

If any one see my profil here and can recommend series like the series on my top 5, cus thats my still of shows. I like to see and hear from u!

When it comes to anime i realy don't have any dislikes and likes..

Well there might be a problem when it comes to wacthing anime.. Cus i'm the kinda that watchs anime Dub in English, so i can't realy see then newer ones. But I have a saying that i want to wacth an anime rather then reading one.. Well

So what do i use my free time on. Well Anime as one thing, but i'm allso a hardcore Gamer on PC.  But my hoppies are making AMVs. Tho i know it's been a wail seens i have released anything. but anyways. If u don't know this allready u can find a ton of good ones on: Here.


plz fell free to drop a comment to me. or if u wanna know more about me :P.

Avatar is inspiration from Vocaloid: Hatsune Miku (And yes i drew her myself.. U can find my drawing on Google picture. So very one can enjoy her! ;P)

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HellsinGas Mar 17, 2013

hey, sorry it took a while to respond :P

now im so busy between 2 universities and a job that i barely got any time to sit down and watch anime , cant wait for summer to get here faster in order for me to catch a breather xD other than that year been good.

Also happy late new year! xD

AikoChan Jan 23, 2013

Hi, long time no see :3

Happy new year to you too.

Sorry for late reply xD

I'm watching only fairy tail every week, what about you? :o

razlO Jan 7, 2013

Hi men, long time no read ;). From last time we spoke i saw a huge amount of stuff, like fma, accel world, jellyfish, kuroko basket, my little monster, hagure yuusho na estetica, steins gate, durrara, utuwarerumono and so much more. i would reccomend u any of these in case u haven't seen em. 

razlO Apr 10, 2012


Spice and Wolf -> asap

Baka & Test -> on my list asap

Blood+ -> seen 

Heaven's Lost Property -> seen

i would like recommendation of nice romance with everything, it can have action etc, but it has to be genuine romance, please no tsundere which ends in totally no relationship >_< 

razlO Mar 27, 2012

I have all of them on my list, but i cannot bring myself to watch any anime movie :D, mainly because i dont even watch normal movies :). do you have any good recommendations fo me ? :)