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Seems like a quite poor sequel to the original series.

Sure, myself being a person who grew up reading and watching Naruto, it`s kind of warm feeling to follow the next generation of the well-known and loved heroes, but the characters are poorly written: for example Shikadai is just a mirror-like copy of Shikamaru (it`s kinds lame since we expect to see both parents`qualities in their children), Inojin and Cho-Cho are quite appealing to keep track of, Boruto has his father`s temper though most of his problems are made-of since he is shown to be good-looking (according to other people), extraordinary talented (learned rasengan way faster than Naruto with less motivation btw, plus that bullshit thing with seeing chakra as byakugan user, which actually relies on physical traits mostly + tons of chakra as we`vw seen with summoning jutsu. Thats OP and boring, don`t u think? Where`s the struggle, the spirit to overcome your problems? The obsession with family is fun thing too, since he spends little time with them, always blaming Naruto for doing his duty, Hinata(angry mother, WTF?!)housewife with her one-type-daughter is just pathetic.

The generation has changed, the technological progress brought us tons of new things, but.. is it exciting to send e-mails, play psp (or whatever kids play), no need to become better and become stronger if you can just hang out with friends.

Ofc, I`m still pissed off with the final pairs of Naruto:Shippuden since i`ve always been a proud fan of Narusaku. But look at NaruHina relations! Where`s mutual love? Where`s mutual care? Happiness, joy? Naruto is constantly tired and depressed, no sparks in his eyes anymore (till Sasuke shows up, eventually). Hinata has always been a furniture with signature replies as "Naruto-kun.." which is replaced with "Boruto.." in this series. Everything feels unnatural, fake and forced. Sasusaku is far more believable but still has it`s flaws. Their daughter is just.. neither fist nor fish, she want to seem like a smartass, but with short temper, that`s fine for now. But she likes Boruto.. what for? Thats too straightforward and ridiculous.

Minor characters of the original series aren`t presented in good way as well, so they became a comic relief (ex. Shino is a teacher, Konohamaru is a dork-adult) Was it really nessesary?

Can`t make myself read manga to find out if its better.

The artists and story-makers are not even Kishimoto. The soul of the story seems to be lost, sadly. Something is very wrong with what became of Naruto`s legacy.

The Naruto universe I`ve fallen in love with in childhood is no more, I hope current series have it`s fans (Naruhina fans or not-so-criticizing-fans, imho)

My only way is to return to the old series and go through nostalgia feels once again.

Thanks for attention.

4/10 story
7/10 animation
7/10 sound
2/10 characters
3/10 overall

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