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RetroEra Mar 13, 2020

Hey @Feinraf how you been buddy? Are you doing alright since my banned from Discord Chat? Anyways just checking up on you buddy that's all. Let me know how you been?

Fluffs Jan 9, 2020

Aww I'm in your bio <3

RetroEra Dec 21, 2019

Of course how can I ever forget my friend Feins day of birth I hope everything is well within you and everyone on Discord. I do miss being there but hey have a great hoilday. And Happy Birthday mate 😉. God is alway with you good sir not sure if you are religious. But still wish you well.

Akishima Dec 16, 2019

Aw, that's too bad. Thanks for the info!

Akishima Dec 14, 2019

Where is your header photo from? It's very noir looking, and if it's an anime, I'm intrigued.