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Hi, welcome to my profile :)
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I'm an Italian 24 years old girl, I have a degree on Psychology and I'm studying to get a master's degree on Clinical Psychology. I spend my free time watching movies, tv series & anime, reading books & manga, writing and drawing ^-^

If you are a polite & respectful person, I'll be glad to talk to you. If you are not, don't even bother to start a conversation with me :)
To avoid misunderstandings, I'll be completely honest: if you aren't a LGBTQI+ community supporter &/or if you are a racist, sexist, ableist or a discriminatory person in general, I don't want to be your friend so, again, don't even bother with me ^-^
I love to have stimulanting debates, but I didn't sign up to argue, so if you'll start a fight I'll stop answering ;) 

My favourite manga authors are CLAMP & Asumiko Nakamura <3

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If you follow me, I'll follow you back :) If you unfollow me, I'll do the same... Fair enough, right? ;)

My replies will probably be late, I'm sorry, but I'll try my best to answer to you as soon as possible ^^

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lindapearl Oct 8, 2021

So you are free until graduation and pretty much done with all your classes. That's a lot of anime. I'm not familiar with any of them. Are they from this season? I think Wonder Egg Priority already finish airing.

lindapearl Oct 6, 2021

For how long will you not have exams or lessons? I assume it's for awhile if some people take classes during this time. It's good that you are a bit free now. Do you plan to watch more anime?

HiiiSkyy Oct 4, 2021

Wonder Egg Priority is good I highly recommend finishing that!!! I don't know about the second season of tpn tho... I didn't like it personally but you should be the judge of that:) 

Ill definitely check the other two out whenever I can !

lindapearl Oct 4, 2021

I think that's the case for my sister as well. I'm sure her university offered a list of places to do practicum and maybe internship. I heard it's pretty hard to find internhip here at least since not many places offer it and they only select a few people each year. A lot of my sister's classmates had to go out of state for internship. Hoefully it's easier for you. You have a break next week? Is it similar to spring break? I'm not even sure if that's a thing in Italy.

lindapearl Oct 2, 2021

It might take a long time to find done since not everywhere offers it and some places have certain application period. My sister is doing her internship currently. Does your university offer a list or something to help with findidng internship?