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Hi, welcome to my profile :)
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I'm an Italian 23 years old girl, I have a degree on Psychology and I'm studying to get a master's degree on Clinical Psychology. I spend my free time watching movies, tv series & anime, reading books & manga, writing, drawing and learning Italian Sign Language ^-^

If you are a polite & respectful person, I'll be glad to talk to you. If you are not, don't even bother to start a conversation with me :)
To avoid misunderstandings, I'll be completely honest: if you have something against the LGBTQI+ community &/or if you are a racist, sexist, ableist person, I don't want to be your friend so, again, don't even bother with me ^-^
I love to have stimulanting debates, but I didn't sign up to argue, so if you'll start a fight I'll stop answering ;) 

My favourite manga authors are CLAMP & Asumiko Nakamura <3

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If you follow me, I'll follow you back :)

My replies will probably be late, I'm sorry, but I'll try my best to answer to you as soon as possible ^^

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lindapearl Oct 27, 2020

I only been trick or treating maybe 1-2 in my life. I have a vague memory of me and my sister making customes out of paper. That didn't work out very well, but it was fun to do.

Usually I don't want to bother with trick or treaters so I keep the lights off at home. That tends to keep a lot of the trick or treaters away. Halloween is basically a movie night for me and my sister. My mom sometimes join as well. We rarely watch movies, maybe 2-3 times a year. This year I probably will do some baking as well. Lately, I have done a lot of baking.

Ciradyl Oct 27, 2020

I am glad we can understand each other's perspectives. Kaori had plenty of potential, so I wish the author focused on her character more. Who are the other characters you like in Your lie in April, if any? Are there ones you dislike?

sairaragomen Oct 27, 2020

Hi again!! 

Pin by Kaitlin Fitzgerald on BF | Fish candy, Anime, Fish wallpaper[i can literally hear this gif xD]

Its okay if you didn't like Zankyo No Terror, no need to apologize hahah we have different kinds of taste so its fine :>

The thing that made them similar to me is the goverment thing. Both protagonists are on the run and they want to reveal the dark secrets of something/someone. That's the only thing I've noticed (based on its synopsis) 

I haven't read/watch it yet because of how busy I am these days but I'll be sure to tell you my thoughts of it after I finish it ^^

Stay safe and have a good day/night!♥

OkamiHime95 Oct 23, 2020

Nice, who are the actors names? :)

I have mixed feelings about Jin, but the only ones that I don't like so far are Mo's family. (The people in the first episode who got turned into zombies.)

Haven't had time to watch more episodes lately, but as of writing this, I'm done with episode 3. ^_^

You're welcome! :D I don't remember much about it as I've mentioned before, but I really did enjoy what I've seen, so I would recommend it. ^_^

lindapearl Oct 22, 2020

I guess you are use to manga being black and white? 

Since it almost halloween here, does Italy celebrate Halloween?