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Hellsing Ultimate

May 3, 2014

Story:pretty good and unlike his older brother,mostly follows the manga

Animation:fit to the genre of action perfectly,the whole series and espacially the fight scenes are well executed but the 3d effects in the last episodes are a bit too much

Sound:the ost as a dark tone to it that growing stronger with each time alucard loosing his restraints

Characters:there are many villains in this anime (i dont know if alucard should be included in this category) but let's check the main characters

Alucard-a vampire which help revives the old reputation of the vampires which twilight(may the blood of the author be spiled on the ground) have destroyed moreover his all atmoshpere is just badass and freightning (and sometimes just creepy) Spoiler stuff(maybe) in both the original series and in this one there are hints throughout the series and near the ending that he is the real dracula the wallachian prince vlad dracul the impaler plus he look classy

Seras Victoria-a blonde sniper with big boobs which alucard turned to a vampire she is shy and awkward sometimes and sometimes tap to her inner alucard

Sir Integra (Fairbrook Wingates)Hellsing- the boss of both said vampires and heir to the hellsing organization which protects england from mystical threats

The Major-a nazi (spoiler-((((cyborg))))) which seeks to kill alucard

Walter-a butler that kicks ass with wires and also a gentleman

Father Anderson-a vatican priest which seek to kill alucard and heathens(protestants) and sometimes nazis

watch this series if you have a short length of time open to watch but this anime is not for the squeamish because there is tons of gore and blood

8/10 story
10/10 animation
8/10 sound
9/10 characters
9/10 overall

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isak0044 Jun 15, 2014

it's gotten a lot better !! nice review :)

isak0044 Jun 13, 2014

Hi nice review though would have been great if you said somthing about the chars... And the animation, if you though it missed something in the last episodes wouldn't it be a 9/10??