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Hello there Mrs/Mr profile viewer.

I once was stupid enough to register an account with the lame nationality tag I used to use at the APN hub. Now probably some site change has butchered it and has become even worse (if possible). I prefer to be called just Saha or Sah. :3

Since it seems to be confusing, I'll tell the uninteresting but luckily not too long story behind my avatar. There once was this thread about what Kirby has been eating at one forum that shall remain anonymous. This one was one of my contributions to the thread. As most people probably know, Kirby has the ability to get the special powers of the enemy he eats/inhales.

Maybe I should try to write something about myself too since I started already. Probably not needed to tell that anime is a passion for me since I'm here. I've played EVE Online for like a year now and that pretty much dethroned Ragnarok as a gaming pastime activity.

I started programming when I was like 10 years old and have been doing that since then. Now I study software engineering and work as a programmer for one finnish advertising agency.

And since I have an option to promote my newest game creations, I will! I would be more than happy to get someone to test these and maybe even give some feedback. Screenshots probably speak more of the games than any words I'm willing to write right now.

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CeZaS93 Nov 29, 2012

Happy birthday =^.^=

sothis Oct 6, 2007

Also did you want me to change your username?

sothis Oct 1, 2007

You need to make a custom signature! XD they are awesome and I just recently put the feature up. Click "my signature" on the left to do so! ^_^

Flimmeren Sep 30, 2007

ey! Dont listen to Tetra. I am not just around sporadically - I am here almost all the time - its just that I havent been able to be so active in chat the last few months because of the staggering amount of work I have had. And of course - during the summertime it *is* more fun to crawl around in the forrest and on the mountains than hanging around in front of a computer watching anime. Yeah - I know, it is sacreligious to something like that - but it is the truth. And regarding Locate - now *that* is the guy that is always away when I drop by the chat. Hmmm - I wonder what he really is up to. You never know with those Germans. Shady fellows all of them.

 Ah well - good to see some Finns around again. We can't just have Ripzter and a few others defending that countrys honour in here, now can we? Anyway - take good care of the kirby and my beard!

tetra Sep 23, 2007

I sneak around and read peoples top5 and recs alot, and then I find things that seem to be fun. So instead of start watching asap I save the interesting anime in want to watch and keep on sneaking. Then when I want to see anime I go to my want to watch and pick one ^^