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I wrote a big long bio but the page reloaded and i lost it.

Oh well.

You can find out everything you need to know about me by checking out this page.

My rating criteria: 

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐-absolute perfection 

There is absolutely no way any anime could be improved beyond this

⭐⭐⭐⭐,5- absolute favorite

I like it and find it to be among the best anime I've seen

⭐⭐⭐⭐- still very good

would definately reccomend, however it does not belong to my absolute all-time best

⭐⭐⭐,5- still worth rewatching

I enjoyed it enough to be willing to rewatch it, however i would not list it amongst my favorites

⭐⭐⭐- don't regret watching

I enjoyed this anime while watching and don't regret the time used while watching it, however i would not seek it out to rewatch

⭐⭐,5- meh

I watched it, it wasn't truly terrible, just not my cup of tea

⭐⭐- not worth the time

I watched it and didn't enjoy it

⭐,5- this anime was bad

This anime was a complete waste of my time, and i wish i hadn't spent my time watching it

⭐- this anime was terrible

,5- this was the worst thing i have ever seen

there is no way one could ever make it any worse

Starting around ⭐⭐ I've usually dropped it anyway

Also: on my won't watch list

Just because something is in that list usually doesn't mean that i will truly never watch it, moreover it merely means that judging by the premise i didn't find it interesting and if i watch it (unless I'm convinced otherwise on something specific) it will be after I've seen everything on my want to watch list.

Everything above applies equally to manga ratings and listing.

Manga and anime recommendations, even if they're of things in my won't watch list are welcome

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117 total

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AquamarineGem Nov 23, 2023

Hey! Hope you're well. Happy Thanksgiving! 

I feel like a newbie. I was totally not aware that we couldn't revive threads on Anime Planet. The forum community here is really small. 

I wonder if they will let us make forum games in the future. The other anime sites  have really active forums with lots of users. 

trashcan007 Nov 12, 2023

Just wanted to thank you for the "Cells at work" recommendation. The Code black one was not for me, but the original was great.



trashcan007 Oct 31, 2023

Thanks, I'll mix and match the manga and anime for the original and watch the anime for the code black one.

I added pandora hearts to my "want to watch" list. No promises as far as the time frame for either since I have so many that I want to get through.

As for a suggestion for you, I highly recommend watching "The promised neverland" that you have on your "want to watch" list.

trashcan007 Oct 31, 2023

I'm not sure if I should post this reply here or on my page. Anime Planet sent me here but I'll post it on both:

Thanks for the tips. I do read manga, but typically when the anime is so good that I can't wait for the new season or if the anime is decent but leaves a lot of cliffhangers. I have mixed and matched like with the manga/anime Ajin.

Is there a specific volume to stop at with the "cells" manga that you recommended?

I dropped Noragami because I couldn't get down with the theme. Deity worship is not my cup of tea. It came highly recommended by someone I knew, so I watched a few episodes and then dropped it when my suspicions were confirmed that it was not for me.

AdamLoveHisWaifus84 Oct 1, 2023

Reponding about my lists, well not sure what you mean by complete. I might add new characters one day. And say I have characters in my lists from anime not in my watch list, sometime I forgot or was lazy to added it in my watch list and doesn't hurt to like some characters, weather I haven't seen  it yet or won't going to see the anime they from.