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jypsel Jun 27, 2020

Great review! :) 

I think with Galo, people just go based on a lot of his external reactions.  They're meant for comedic effect and for him to be an idiot, so people kind of are just okay with accepting that surface level description of him.  He's definitely impulsive and slightly moronic (lol), but he's so much more, as you've said.  This is a kid who watches his hero become a villain and instead of crumbling under the pressure of everything, rises up to fight back.  That's awesome!

I really liked Promare because I felt it was so relevant to today in regards to multiple forms of discrimination.  People discriminated against the Burnish and log them into one group (like when they arrest the pizza maker for being a "terrorist" -- didn't know making the perfect pizza could gvet you such a dramatic title).  There were so many times I felt such indignation and sorrow and then felt like it was a social commentary on today.  

Out of curiosity, did you see Lio-hen and Galo-hen, the prequels?  I LOVED them!  

jypsel Jun 22, 2020

Hey!  I had to shoot you a comment after reading your remarks on the Promare character pages.  My friends and I watched it last night and loved it - I really liked reading your reasoning for liking Lio and Galo and thought you were very eloquent. :)