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Apr 20, 2020

I am sorry , there is no way I can rate it lower than a 9. But hear me out.
It is a lot better , than solo leveling even.

To explain exactly why - these 2 manhwas have so many similarities , and while solo leveling is a bitt more exagerated and I still liked it a lot - This manhwa is so balanced and calculated , it is insane how fast you fall in love with it. 

The way characted acts has a background , a story behind it. You literally can't find a single thing wrong while reading.

I left thie review at the end of reading episode 55. By now - everything was perfect , there was not a single moment when I wanted to stall it or leave for later.

I must say that there is only 1 thing I really would consider a huge similarity: 


-the character seem to have the same affinity for dead things (necromancy) same as the MC in solo leveling. 
I know that there is no way to be totaly unique and original , so this is not a problem , actually. 

 I like that there is a dual thing in his power , which makes this detail not so visible and it doesn't frustrate me this much. 

Spoiler End

For now , the story gets 10 , maybe my opinion will change , sometime in the future.

For now I will give character a 9 , for not being fully unique.

Still - If you liked SOLO LEVELING - you will adore this manhwa as well.

Art is as amazing as ever. The clothes and character phisique is something that I apreciate in manga.

Art takes all 10.

10/10 story
10/10 art
9/10 characters
9.5/10 overall

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InfinityT Dec 19, 2020

you wrong solo leveling is better but this is good too xD

EvaCVM Jun 18, 2020

Absolutely no offense. I will definitely reread the info about both manhwas , because I was so certain they shared same author. 

Also , thank you)))) 

duchessliz Jun 17, 2020

I don't know where you heard they had the same author, but you should definitely update your review because you're, unforunately, wrong. Solo Leveling was created by Chugong while Second Life Ranker was created by Do-yeon SA. There is no  common creator between the two. No common artist between the two. At all.

Yes, the two MC's of the respective series have similar abilities, but they come about in a different way. Every story has some similarity to another and nothing is truly original anymore because of the sheer volume of literary work out there. It's impossible for something to be truly original anymore, so you are definitely going to find stories that bare some similiarities to other things you've read. Or things you've watched. 

I actually prefer Second Life Ranker over Solo Leveling because I like the MC more. I like that he's trying to get back at the people who betrayed his brother, because they definitely deserve to be brought down for their betrayl. But yes, I do enjoy both series. I actually like that they have a similar ability. And I really hope I didn't come off as harsh or anything. I just prefer if someone tell me if I wrote something incorrect in my own reviews so that I could fix it, so that's what I was doing here. I hope I didn't offend you...