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Call me .
25 years old 

             Starting from today , I am Dr. EveCVM <3 
If you want to know anything about me- be free to ask in the comment box dooooown this page. <3
            If you love animals , I am very friendly ~

This week's MUSICAL shoutout~

I am rating anime according to my emotions right after I've watched it. So it is a totally subjective opinion. 
My first anime was Sailor Moon , I watched it when I was 8-9 years old for the first time, and I absolutely LOVED it.  


I cannot make up a list of my favourite animes, because there are a lot of them. 
A list of classics for begginers:

------->   FullMetal Alchemist          Death Note           Mirai Nikki             Bleach              D.Gray Man              Angel Beats            The Seven Deadly Sins 

Some of my 5 rated and MUST WATCH (but underrated):

My TOP anime that I've seen so many times , but never got bored:

My favourite DUOs
*click to see the titles*

Also , I am a fan of Villains and anti-Heroes who have a sad or traumatic backstory.
*click to see the titles*


I started reading manga a lot later in life , and though I missed so many good titles, to which I cannot go back at this age. 
So now I am head over heels in reading, I especially like manhwa for it's colourful art. 

 Enjoy a list of my Top Manhwas:

Also here is a list of my Top Girls's Manga:

Hopefully , I will become someone's friend here.
 Hugs & Kisses




I do not own any of the arts in my profile bio. 
Credits to their creators.

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Kenkaneki129 Oct 3, 2021

Ah yes another eve and tk dan nothing better than that 

osaka Jul 6, 2021

hey hey Eva!! Just casually leaving comments here <3
how is your day/night/evening or what time is there where you live going?? ^^ Hope good :D

Also just wanted to say you have amazing and aesthetically pleasing profile and i read ur bio and you have amazing taste <33

PoojaChauhan Jun 26, 2021

thank you EVA unni!! ^^

yah....I also like the manga where the MC is OP...🥰🥰

I also like...where the MC is transfer to another world(isekai) and also when the MC is a badass🤩🥵killer looks


yours recommendations are sure interesting....love them....thanks for helping me unni😍planning on finishing asa soon as possible..

Happy Anime GIFs | Tenor 

also if you don't mind can u give me some good anime recommendations based on my taste....!!^^

XOXO unni 

PoojaChauhan Jun 22, 2021

Hii there...EVA unni  

I want to read mangas (comics) but I am so confused from where to start....so kindly show me the path which leads to manga world.....<3

and also mention the websites from where I can take the pleasure of manga for free......<3

I shall be very grateful for your kind consideration and favorable action please...

XOXO unni

LUCIIIII May 25, 2021

Happy Birthday Eva!!!! ^^

And I would be glad to be friends with you!!! :)

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