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As an opening statement I would like to state that this show ultimately is a idol anime written by someone who was a quite horny individual. All it's flaws relate this this all most of it's strengths do as well. This show isn't the type of pure idol worship that you normally see with shows that feature idol industry. All the main characters or leading girls in this show are ultimately perverts of shome sort. So if your looking for a show thats a normal take on idol anime avoid this like the plague. Also avoid this when you fear the weirder common japanese fetishes. 

As far as the animation goes the show does alright. The are is not what you'd call pretty and many shots are quite blurry and feel lower resolution than they should be but as long as your not pausing it's all not too noticable. The animation is however extremely limited and the anime generally goes out of it's way to not animate too much movement. This does however mean that this anime is surprisingly lacking the common 3D animation that most of it's genre use to excess. 

The voice acting does the job well. Though one could state that Roko doesn't really convey being more childish than the other members despite being noted as being childish. Eitherway the voice acting doesnt'really pop out but provides decent to good immersion. Hemo's voice does feel forced to me but perhaps it's not so much to others. The music is pretty forgetable in the end and doesn't really match the likes of the bigger idol franchises. 

As for the characters. they all are build up decently but much like this anime they also have their own fetishes. Generally speaking all the characters have something off about them. Generally they have some sort of sexual desire put on the foreground. This immediatly makes the show feel more like a ecchi series that's not labled ecchi series. 

Overall, the whole anime is basically a borderline ecchi take on the idol genre. It has some strong points but is a little repetitive and the writing is simple. It still is quite cohesive with one event leading to the other in a quite natural manner rather than feeling very forced. Though there are moments that are sort of forced, but I digress most of the anime flows quite well for what it is. That said, for those looking for a pure idol show again skip overthis. This is a deeply perverted take on the idol genre and it's very unashamed in being so. 

7/10 story
6/10 animation
6/10 sound
6/10 characters
7/10 overall

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