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Sep 30, 2018

A promising badminton anime with eye catching animation and almost hilarious overbearing attempts at being dark or edgy. Yes indeed this anime has a plot thread running through it bringing constant drama in a way that is almost funny. However in the end it sadly simply doesn't make sense due to the character motivations ending up being contradicting. The main story starts out focussing on Ayano a broken character that openly is disgusted with badminton. She hates it and never wants to go back to badminton ever again due to an experience not revealed until later. An experience which when looking at it from a plot standpoint is quite disgusting. 

The animation of this series is largely very good. While the art sometimes does degrade if generally picks up when needed and the scenes that look a less well animated generally aren't too glaring either. Character animation is the most important in this it being what makes this series stand out using real life badminton motion capture to assist in animation. Truly it is captivating. The opening is catching both visually and musically and the voice acting is of course again good to good enough. It gets the point across together with an OST that get's the job done there's nothing really to complain about too much.

Characters however are a bit of another story. Ayano is largely riduced to a carciture of a character being ridiculously dramatic and has a increasing tendency to be mean in the series towards other characters. At first it seems innocent but it keeps developing in a strange manner. Nagisa is another main character who is more or less a hard worker with some hangups. She's a flawed character as well as seen in the first few episodes but develops as the series moves along, very quickly in fact. She's not that multifaceted however despite the first few episodes and falls into a role quite heavily. While three or so other characters have some plot involvement and feel involving there's a rather large number of characters that feel superfluous to the story. They have small side stories but feel poorly established and can feel uninvolving because of this. They're along for the ride most the time. Compared to other anime of this genre the side characters among this group are just unusually weak due to poor establishment. Their interactions with other characters than the lead are few and far between and generally don't feel particularly emotionally involving. While there's about one or two moments when a scene does capture the emotions quite a lot of scenes are too empty emotionally to get the point of these side characters accross.

The largest problem with this anime is sadly the plot and writing for Ayano and a certain family member. Ayano's motivation makes sense but the way she acts for most of the series just feels unnatural. As if she's a dramatic clown for the audiences experience. The reason she ended up like this and quit badminton was supposed to make her like badminton more. Despite this it is Ayano's friend that actually is the reason that Ayano is playing badminton at all and through the series rather than love badminton she despises it. While the ending wraps certain things up and changes the status quo Ayano ends up being all too forgiving despite being traumatized and the contradictionary logic of the certain character is never brought up. 

The entire plot thread with Ayano in the end simply ends up being based on coincidences and in a large part doesn't make sense. Watch this anime for the badminton scenes and criingy over the top dramatic moments but don't expect a masterpiece of writing. The glaringly lazy character writing for Ayano and some other characters can be hard to overlook. Despite this you can easily enjoy this anime regardless. 

6/10 story
8/10 animation
8/10 sound
6/10 characters
6/10 overall

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