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Megalo Box

Jun 28, 2018

Megalo Box is a stylish boxing adventure of a seemingly dystopian future. An underdog story at it's core. A simple story with appealing but simple characters with hints of ample but not quite heavy bage in the form of personal history. The setting denies our main character of even citizensship in the country or city that he lives in. This is something that is hinted at being not uncommon in era. While Joe starts out doing shady business to earn money by throwing fights in the series opening; he yearns to fight a proper strong worthy opponent. As one thing leads to another he starts a rivalry with the champion but after losing a fight with him to get his revenge match he has to fight his way up the ranks in a new tournament but to participate he must first gain citizenship. 

The animation and sound design and everything else about this show is stylish and a throwback to older rougher animation of the past. Being styled somewhat like a show from the  90's such as the always popular to mention Cowboy Bebop. It is still using modern techniques however but they do a very good job of blending it with the show itself in such a way that practically anyone watching will not notice. The soundtrack is stylish and fits the series well and the original voice acting gets the job done well being not distracting and fitting the cast.

The show does not try to sweep you away with strong dramatic scenes or deep character defining inner monologues. The characters are not exceptionally deep, eloquent or wordy but have clearly defined flaws which sometimes are explained through backstory. They are their own people and they fit the setting. It's characters, they're simple people acting on emotion and even with the backstory and character establishment present they remain simple people who you can quite easily emphasize with.

This show did what it set out to do and was stylish and involving with the ending being what you'd hope for in this show. The shows episodes continuely further the plots by varying increments. This show doesn't feel like it's every completely wasting an episode and what happens in an episode has at least some impact further along the line. Simply saying ''this was a good anime.'' will suffice for me. I don't care much about the shows drawbacks as they were few and it's strength lays within it's style and execution more than in revolutionary plottwists or evolved story telling. It's a simple show that's just made well and you go in with expectations about what you will get and don't ever should feel betrayed by this show I think. It's overall just ''a good anime''

Is it the best thing ever? Who cares, it's good. It's story might be too simple for those seeking depth, deep character drama and engaging dialogue, if you're looking for that. But from start to finish this show just doesn't betray the expectations even from it's promotion art you get plenty of a indication of what this show will be like. 

"This was good anime." 

If you'd hard-press me into rating this it would probably end up a 

This show regardless is pretty much a classic in becoming despite being actually very simple at it's core. It's well build up but it's plot isn't massively complex but because of that it will appeal to those who crave darker settings without the need for a web of complex character relationships. 

7/10 story
9/10 animation
9/10 sound
7/10 characters
8/10 overall

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