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Sianeka Apr 20, 2014

Let me know what you think when/if you watch Love.Com.

Sianeka Apr 17, 2014

Thanks - Added you as a friend, too!  I am envious of the amount of anime you have listed as Watched, lucky you!

Took a look at your Want to Watch and will recommend Lovely Complex as a really fun Rom/Com.

Sianeka Apr 16, 2014

Added you as a Club Supporter, thank you!  I see you've signed up at the forums now too, so feel free to add a WECO banner to your signature if you wish. List of available banners here: A-P Welcoming Committee.

Sianeka Apr 16, 2014

You said: Hello Sianeka. Thank you for the welcome. I think this welcoming committee thing is a good idea.

Can I add you as a Welcoming Committee Supporter?  (Club Supporters agree that the job of greeting new members is a good idea, and support the idea of a club that greets new members upon sign up. There is no work involved, and no obligations.)

I'm always looking for new Club Supporters!

Sianeka Apr 16, 2014

Sometimes, I attend cons.  I used to go to Anime Expo religiously, and I'm always at Anime Los Angeles.  I've been to Comic con, and yaoi-con.  I'm probably going to Wonder con this weekend...