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Hi, Welcome to my profile!!

★Favorite Anime★


★Favorite Manga/manhwa




All of these are just my opinion

So please don't judge or take it personal 



First Anime: Maid Sama 
To be honest I forgot rather my first anime was "Kiss Him Not Me" or "Maid Sama"

First Manga: 5 centimeters per second 
I think if I were to read this today, I probably would have dropped it. 
But after reading it and understanding it, I actually liked it.

First Hentai: Sweet Punishment... 
I never new what hentai was until watching this.  
And without realizing it as well.  
I always wondered why they cut of some scenes 🤔

I watched these on YouTube by the way. 
I mean when your a Newbie, how are you supmost to know were to watch anime on. 

Favorite Real life Actor: Shahrukh Khan (Bollywood actor) 
Hes the best of the best. His life story is inspiring and is known for his Romance Movies.

I read manga a little more then anime in my spare time. 
Also Kdramas and Bollywood movies as well. 

Just reading this makes me feel bored... 

I'll add more "Later" :)


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GalezOasis Apr 6, 2021

Hello I'm Gale, don't know if I said that before. My apologies for a late reply!!

And of course, school is just a pain. But if you'd like, I made a discord to help just in case comments get to much on anime planet and to meet more people with the same likes!! Totally help to you to join or not!

Oooh, yes BL just has that different taste to it. But nothing wrong with your favorites, I've heard of one or two of them! Personally my manga section is sometimes a big trigger warning to some people and not suitable for younger eyes, so just a warning! But if you are asking for bl, I got all types for you!!

Oooooooooh!!! You must have a love for music, but that is incredbile!! First person I have met who has told me their favorite intros, how interesting!! Same thing for outros! But hmm for me, 


Forgive me I don't know the names of them so I'm just putting the name of the anime! And I'm a little basic on my choices- 

Intros: Both Beastar openings, Moriarty the Patriot, Akudama Drive, Black Butler 2, Jujutsu Kaisen, All of Haikyuu, How to keep a Mummy, Noragami 2, Sk8 the Infinity AND YES THE YARICHIN B CLUB IS JUST SO CATCHY AND BAD GOOD :D

Outros: God of Highschool, Dakaichi, Jujusu Kaisen, Free, Nanbaka, 

Right back at you Estrella!!

blissinapricot Mar 30, 2021

Thank you for the follow, I followed you back!

I love your profile picture and header- it's pretty!

Have a good day/ night! :)

Cutie anime boys (Gif) Quiz - By melike99

GalezOasis Mar 29, 2021

Of course!! Hi I'm Gale, hope we can be good friends!!

And nono don't be, I get school is a pain in the butt. But I wish you good luck!

Oooh, all such good picks!! I just have not seen Michico and Hachin yet but now it is on my list!! Maid Sama was also one of the first animes that got me into it more, and the first top three romance animes I watched!!

Yes, I think all of them just emotionally attach you to it all and that is just so amazing to me. 

Oooh WEBTOON!! I remeber reading those on repeat everyday, but tell me your favorite webtoons too! Harukaze no Étranger is just adorable and I really want to read SpyXFamily!

And I totally agree with that but for me, don't know. As of right now I just downright love Mo Dao Zu Shi and all of the other authors anime adpatations of them! Though they have always been at the top, and manga is just to difficult for me. OH NO DONT ASK ME THAT QUESTION- I HAVE SO MANY CATCHY ANIME THEMES/INTORS/OUTROS STUCK IN MY HEAD XD

Right back at you! <3

GalezOasis Mar 26, 2021

Hello!! Thank you for the follow, I apologize if I'm late to follow you back!!

I hope we can get to have a conversation and get to know one another! What's your favorite anime or manga? I know it's a hard one.

Have a lovely day, afternoon or evening!!

osaka Mar 21, 2021

I am so sorry that I wasn't replying for a while but I have so much assignments to do now :<

and Ah- I know Alexander Rybak and you have a good taste again haha! 

ah- I have definitely too many but If I have to say my few favourites I would say-

from artists- I don't have one favourite but I definitely can say that I love Florence + the machine and she have the voice of a goddess :<< I love her and her music sm hafsdgfagh 

and I do have favourite songs!

here are some of them- starboy - the weeknd, Make up your mind - Florence + the machine, dog days are over - Florence + the machine, spectrum and hunger also from Florence + the machine and from her also rabbit heart haha, blade runner 2049 - synthwave goose, hml - sisyfuss, everything I wanted - billie eilish, freakshow - punkinloveee and H3artcrush, washing machine heart - mitski, take a slice - glass animals, star shopping - lil peep, rasputin - boney m, watermelon - tom rhosental, girl in red songs are also good, unsainted - slipknot and also from them neroforte, duality and basically all songs from we are not your king album, dirty paws - omam. Some of my fav j-pop are no.7 - tv size ver from hanako kun, all songs by the peggies, lost umbrella, kikuo songs, kaikan kitan from jujutsu kaisen, world is mine of course, moon pride from sailor moon, kiss of death from ditf. 

and from genres my favourite are- mostly alternative but I love also nu-metal (basically slipknot and only slipknot haha), of course j-pop! <3, and I like also music without vocal (not zen etc. but for example this song 'blade runner 2049' or 'aglow' is what i am talking about ;D, and sometimes but now I wouldn't say so because I don't listen to it anymore clasical music and if so mostly vivaldi- but as i mentioned now I haven't listen to this type of music for a long time :P