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I adore these characters

I'm not a fan of these characters


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reimam7 Apr 6, 2018

 You are really dont know who is the good character at all.I still dont get it that your Minato hate.

footmaster Jul 8, 2017


Good thing you are not active in this site anymore as this site don't need idiotic morons like you who hates a fictional character so excessively and stupidly.

StaBAnime Aug 30, 2015

And I Cant Stand the stupid people who hate the people who like Minato

LelouchElricAldnoah Jul 2, 2015

A waste of time says the guy who searches the character he hates up, and USES his time up, just to tell people (who wont give a shit about what he says) that he hates that fictional character in whom he spend time no only watching, but also searching, to, again; write things that nobody will give a shit about.

Just a hypocrite, or retarded much? O.o

BLOBFISHY May 31, 2015

I agree Mikasa is annoying but Hanje and Sasha are probably the best female characters in the anime. (In my opinion)