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I started with the manga, got caught up, and started this, all within a week.
I love the closeness to the manga; iteresting how ecchis tend to be the best manga-to-anime adaptions. the only complains I have are the fact that

1) the chapter with the extra species gym and Polt was skipped over, with Polt so far only appearing as a cameo character in episodes taking place in the park. Ep. 12 left out the catfish thing as well, which was mildly irritating to me.

3) The manga translation is better than the subs (subbed anime still using romaji words like "aruji" and "goshujin" in place of "master" and "husband")

2) only the first two episodes appear uncensored online (not that that's what I watch it for, but imo it takes away from the character of the manga).

other than that, i can accept the tiny differences. 
I hope that season 2 will be out in due time, cover more chapters than season one (since ch. 34 of the manga JUST came out).
I also hope thefull episodes (that is, blu-ray) episodes will be up by that time.

8.8/10 story
9/10 animation
8.7/10 sound
8.5/10 characters
9/10 overall

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Respectableweeb Mar 4, 2023

It's has been 8 years, no 2nd season.😔