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First Impressions

The first episode had a really interesting start, which you can find out by watching it yourself.


Basically, this story is about a guy, named Ken Sugisaki, the male protagonist of the story. He is a pervert who has no sense of shame and enjoys playing H games. However, he is really hardworking and obtained the highest score in the entrance exams, which allowed him to join the school student council, which the only other way to join was to be popular and get votes from peers. So everyone, apart from Ken, are cute, popular girls. On the first day, he swore to the girls in the student council that he would create his harem and make everyone happy. Every episode is packed with comedy and parody of other animes.


Though I couldn't find any site where I could watch this anime in HD, it is still watchable. The character animation is great, but you would expect this from any modern anime.


Every character has a unique trait which makes the story fun to watch. For example, Kurimu, the President of the student council, is a very short high school student with a personality of a 10 year old kid. She enjoys playing in sand boxes and need to hug a plushie while sleeping. Chizuru, the student council's secretary, who is a tall, model-like figure. She mature and is serious most of the time. You can watch the anime to know the other two main characters...


This anime is a greaat anime which will make you laugh every episode. I really reccomend this anime if you love comedy and harem. 

7/10 story
8/10 animation
?/10 sound
8/10 characters
8/10 overall

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