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❀About me❀

Sup I'm a wacko who likes a lot of things; anime, manga, kdrama, cdrama, jdrama, games, art and so much more
I recently hit the 900 yaoi mangas mark on my read list. I'm pretty active online as I am a discord admin. I try my best to improve our server where everyone is welcome. It doesn't matter if you're young, old, straight, gay, or if your English is lacking. You're all welcome to join us, just copy this link

❀Favorite Titles❀

☆ Finder
☆ Koisuru Boukun
☆ Sekaiichi Hatsukoi
☆ Hidoku Shinaide
☆ Maiden Rose
☆ Barbarities
☆ Ten Count
☆ Therapy Game
☆ Love Nest
☆ Yarisugi Party Night
☆ Shirouto Yankee Kikiippatsu!!
☆ Dear Door
☆ Katekyo!

❀Manga resellers❀

☆ The American Book Centre is an online webshop and they ship to countries in Europe, Canada and America

☆ Bookdepository This is an online webshop that sells a lot more besides just mangas. They do not have many yaoi mangas, but if you're searching for the popular ones
    you're at the right place. Do be careful though that you're ordering the manga in the right language. Besides English, they sell Spanish, German, French, and Polish mangas.
    They do worldwide shipping

☆ June is a manga publisher who also sells their own mangas online. Sadly this website does not allow you to pay with anything besides a credit card. So If you want a manga
    from here then it's best to get one as soon as possible. They do worldwide shipping as well

☆ Secondsale is a website that sells second-hand mangas. The mangas that are being sold may be second-hand, but the quality of the mangas is basically as good as new.
    Sadly this website does not do worldwide shipping. If you are really desperate you can try Stackry

☆ Stackry Stackry does not sell mangas, but they offer American addresses for people outside of the US. So if you want to buy something from a webshop that does not ship
    outside of the US you can fill in your American address and let it be shipped to you outside of the US once it has arrived at your American address. Do bear in mind that
    Stackry is very expensive and has a lot of additional costs like shipping taxes.

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AnnaSartin Jun 8, 2019

Just provide links to the manga you want to have added. The links can be to entries on MangaUpdates (this is usually what people link), other database sites, a retailer page like Amazon Japan, or if it's a webtoon you can link the original Korean or Chinese site. As long as you can prove it exists there should be no issue with getting them added so long as the titles don't go against site guidelines. (Anime-Planet doesn't add hentai, shotacon, lolicon, OEL that is drawn in a western style, non-Japanese doujinshi, and doujinshi based on a franchise unless it is by the franchise's official mangaka)

AnnaSartin Jun 6, 2019

Only a year and a half, eh? BL certainly has the power to pull people in and not let go! If you are noticing the site is missing manga, manhwa, or manhua, especially things that belong on your list, that's super easy to fix. Just report missing titles or things that need updated chapters here:

AnnaSartin Jun 3, 2019

Have to say I'm impressed with the amount of BL you're reading. I'm trying to keep my currently reading list to under a hundred... and I keep failing miserably!

zala Dec 1, 2017

Welcome to Anime Planet (AP) abosede, we're glad to have you here!

There are many exciting activities on AP:

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Chat with cool people on anything anime/manga in our forums, from the serious to the silly;

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Here are the links for our FAQ, Anime and Manga recommendations,

If you have questions, message me and/or the online staff.

Enjoy your time at Anime Planet!