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I am a married soldier in the US Army. I have a set of infant twins, a girl and a boy, as well as a six year old daughter who shows a mild intrest in the world of anime. I have been in the army for over six years, serving as a helicopter mechanic and have been deployed thrice. I enjoy anime thoughly as I find that it relaxes me more than videogames and casual socalizing. I am currently studying for a bachelors in Computer Science from Franklin University in Cleveland OH, however I am stationed in the north country (upstate New York) here at Fort Drum NY.

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Ichi32 Jun 28, 2011



there are alot of us

Ichi32 Jun 27, 2011

Hey I was stationed at FT. Drum I'm infantry =) who  are you with?

wolfangel87 May 7, 2008

Great signature!  I like your anime list too!  ^_^

sothis Apr 25, 2008

Hello Eric - I see you like Planetes a lot... have you considered Moonlight Mile? I think you'd enjoy it. :)

EricCarson Jan 28, 2008

Well I am watching my T.S.O.A meter rise, will I reach Otaku status?

Most likely.