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Hi anime planet, I am Martin, welcome to my profile


A) Some Anime watched on tv when I was 4-8 years old

Saint Seiya: Knights of the ZodiacSailor MoonSuper Dimensional Fortress MacrossDragon BallPokemon Movie 1: The First MovieYoure Under Arrest!The Vision of EscaflowneRanma 1/2Bt X

B) Some anime I watched on tv when I was 10-12 years on Locomotion

Saber Marionette JBubblegum Crisis: Tokyo 2040City Hunter: .357 MagnumCowboy BebopGhost in the ShellNeon Genesis EvangelionSilent MobiusThose Who Hunt ElvesSoul Hunter

C) Some anime I watched when I was 14-16 on tv on Animax

BasiliskGet BackersLast ExileFullmetal AlchemistLunar Legend Tsukihime.hack//SIGNThe Twelve KingdomsHellsingBlood+

D) Some anime I liked when I started watching stuff on youtube when I was 17-18. During this era I used to check info on mcanime online site.

ClaymoreMonsterBlack LagoonGhost in the Shell: Stand Alone ComplexBECK: Mongolian Chop SquadElfen LiedDeath NotePlease TeacherTales of Phantasia

E) I discovered anime planet when I was 24 years old. That allowed me to to watch a lot of anime and track my anime. I can watch almost anything, I have a wide taste for anime.

F) 2021-2022. I discovered chinese animation, and went in the tags Ancient China, Fantasy Wuxia, Magic Swordfights, Cultivation.

  Mo Dao Zu Shi 2Tian Bao Fuyao LuChuan Shu Zijiu ZhinanHeaven Officials BlessingShanhe Jian XinDinghai Fusheng Lu

Books Bio

Some books I read, I listed the longest and IMO, more relevant (yup Bible was the longest book I read 2000 pages, took me 3 months, in search of the lost time I only read the first 2 volumes).

Bhagavad-gita As It Is - Kindle edition by Swami Prabhupāda, A. C.  Bhaktivedanta. Religion & Spirituality Kindle eBooks @ te ching (Spanish Edition): Tse, Lao: 9789876093569: BooksTeogonía de Hesíodo - The Iliad & The Odyssey (Audible Audio Edition): Homer, Andrea  Giordani, BooksHOLY BIBLE: King James Version (KJV) Popular Gift & Award Black Leatherette  Edition: Collins KJV Bibles: BooksThe Quran : English Translation of the Meaning Don Quijote: The History of that Ingenious Gentleman, Don  Quijote de la Mancha: 9780393315097: Cervantes, Miguel de, Raffel, Burton,  de Armas Wilson, Diana: BooksNarcissus and Goldmund: Hermann Hesse, Ursule Molinaro: 9780553275865: BooksEl Aleph: Borges, Jorge Luis, Jorge Luis: 9788420633114: BooksQuote by Colleen McCullough: “There is a legend about a bird which sings  just...”Désirée: The Bestselling Story of Napoleons First Love: Selinko,  Annemarie: 9781402244025: BooksPin on One Hundred Years of Life Is A Dream: 9781099108310: Calderon de la Barca, Pedro:  BooksTHE SOUND AND THE FURY. A Novel | William Faulkner | New Corrected A Conversa de Bolzano (Portuguese Edition) eBook : Márai, Sándor:  Kindle Hamlet (Student Edition Books) eBook : Shakespeare, William:  Kindle Store1984: George Orwell, Erich Fromm: 9780451524935: The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: 9781505234510:  Louis Stevenson, Robert: The Divine Comedy (Annotated) eBook : Alighieri, Dante: BooksIn Search of Lost Time [volumes 1 to 7] eBook by Marcel Proust -  9782380371871 | Rakuten Kobo United StatesCrime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoevsky: 9780553211757 | BooksNorthanger Abbey - Kindle edition by Austen, Jane. Literature & Fiction  Kindle eBooks @ Lord Of The Rings: Tolkien, J.R.R.: 9780544003415: BooksThe Old Man and the Sea - Wikipedia

Favorite daily Food

Fish with a lot of Lemon, liver also with a lot of lemmon, sanwiches, salad fruit ( just apple and banana pieces in a small bowl with orange juice).                   

9,484 Fish Food Photos and Premium High Res Pictures - Getty ImagesCrock Pot Liver Recipe With Tomatoes and BaconMy Favorite Grilled Cheese Sandwich RecipesFruit Salad With Orange Juice - The Delicious Crescent

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XxLuoBingHexX Apr 27, 2022

Hi! I'm good, thanks for asking! You?

(*nods slightly with hand gestures*)

The economy of the federation is booming. We are getting many requests from travelers if they can live here. We barely have any vacancies left, so what should we say? Yes or no?


I think we should say yes, and use this chance to conquer anti-bl territory.

*whispering ends...*

Bye! Have a good day/night! :)

HKBattosai Apr 26, 2022

Ergoprox said…“I watched Rurouni Kenshin mmmm on youtube XD and not on tv. So it was very anacronic.”

“There is a similar anime with that style Samurai Deeper Kyo, I didnt watched it but played the GBA game.”

Rurouni Kenshin is my personal best. I am glad that I actually own the OOP DVDs with the original English Dub. And I certainly have heard of Samurai Deeper Kyo. The only reason I never watched it is because it is done by Studio DEEN, and they do an excellent job of messing up storylines and characters with bad writing. The first two seasons of Rurouni Kenshin are what make the anime great since it follows the manga very well and is done by studio Gallop, not Studio DEEN.

“yeah that food is my daily food cuz is nutritive and cheap, I live near the sea so fish is cheap, and liver is a meat cut that not everybody likes so is cheap.”

Keep eating that way, get some exercise, and you will live a long time Ergoprox. That is a quality diet.

“I also want to write a gamming section but IDK, I wish to put something cool and interesting.”

Something cool is whatever you want to highlight about your gaming experience. If you take from what you have already done on your profile and use that format, I am sure it will be cool.

“your Bio is very cool btw, and is cool that we have similar amount of watched anime in general,”

“I cant believe you are 1 of the 160 users of ap around the world that watched Agent Laika in Ligthining Trap.”

Thanks for the compliment about my anime-planet Bio. Plus, feel free to get some ideas for your future gaming section on your Bio as well, if you would like.

Thanks for let me know about Lightning Trap: Leina & Laika. I never noticed that fun fact. ^_^

It has been fun chatting. Let us do it again sometime. Until then Ergoprox, ‘see ya around’ too!


HKBattosai Apr 25, 2022

I also forgot...

  • LOTR, Hamlet, The Divine Comedy, and 1984 ... yes, yes, yes, and yes!


HKBattosai Apr 25, 2022

Hi Ergoprox! Thanks for the follow. Nice to meet you. Three things:

  1. Nice idea of your anime development through the years (4-8, 10-12, etc.)
  2. Books? Nice! That's a welcomed change from 99.9% of anime-planet profiles
  3. Your daily food favorites are making me hungry!

That is all for now! Cheers!


Slinderman407 Apr 22, 2022

Thanks for the follow!!!

I followed back! <333