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Hi u dirty little rat~

Hey, I lowkey don’t know u but here’s sum irrelevant useless info abt me💀

You might also notice how much of unnecessary stuff there is here but I wanted a long bio so I just typed a whole bunch of crap 😩

My favorite anime for each genre~

All my Husbands~

(By hair colour as it is easier, and all of these should be viewed in alphabetical order!)

My first anime (besides pokemon)~

Second anime~

Third anime~

My first anime crush~

Favourite anime crush that I'm obsessed with, would die for, sacrifice my country, family and friends with a smile on my face~

Least favourite anime~

Longest anime I've watched~

My comfort anime that make me happy~

Anime that made me pretty sad~

Most disappointing anime~

Anime that I really want to finish but don't have the brain cells, time or energy to~

My favourite anime studio~

My favourite studios and the anime I loved the most~

My favourite anime in terms of animation~

My favourite voice actors~

Congrats on wasting your time reading this shii. Anyway have a nice day.Byeeee

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chloe4656 May 31, 2023

You do realise how old he is.

JustAkeno Mar 27, 2023

Saying hi to all my followers again! Hello <3

Your profile is wild BTW. Wish I could recall my first ever Anime, it has been so long ago, I never thought it would turn into a big hobby...

peepeepoopo Aug 8, 2022

Was going through your husbando list and you have earned my respect dude. I mean, Alan,Mammon,Kaidou,Ugestsu and Ash are 😩👌

KomuroTaka Jul 23, 2022

Izumo is a great tsundere. I have a couple of favorites

JustAkeno Jun 5, 2022

That beating women part is hella sus. Anyway, hi. Just saying hi to my followers.