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 Welcome ^‿^



In case anyone wants to get to know me
Here is some info about me

 My name is Sarah, my birthday is May 28th and I am in my last year of college 

I have red hair ,freckles and green eyes


favourite colour:Blue  favourite animal:Fox  Favourite number: 10



 The first anime that i ever watched was: Code Geass 


  My top 3 favouate anime are:Assasination classroom , Blue Exorcist , Seraph of the End  


 My top 3 anime Charectors are: Haru Yoshida , Tohru Honda , Karma Akabane 



 I only started to read manga about a year ago so I still have lots of manga i want to read 

The first mangs a ever read was : The Ancient Magus Bride 

The Ancient Magus Bride

 My top 3 favourate manga are : 1/2 Prince , A Silent Voice ,yakusoku no neverland 

 1/2 Prince     A Silent Voice     The Promised Neverland

   My top 3 manga charactors: Mishe , Mikito Kujou , Nai 

Mishe   Mikoto KUJOU   Nai


Thanks for visiting, feel free to leave coments on my profile page any time , would love to hear from you 

not the most active person but love chatting with everyone when I  have the chance to



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Jeerus Dec 1, 2018

i'm open when it comes to watching anime, so the only thing i don't enjoy much is exessive romance, other than that i can watch and enjoy everything.

and my recent favorites anime are 

Black lagoon 


That time i got reincarnated as a slime 

Hellsing ultimate 

and that's it. 

thanks for following me back tho 

david233677 Nov 30, 2018

Sorry for responding so late. Tokyo ghoul is okay, but a friend actually recommended it to me, so that is why I am watching it.But I am only watching it when I am together with him, so haven't seen it in a while.

Oh deadman wonderland is great, haven't read the manga but watched the anime.

Blackclover on the ather hand I only read, so I don't know much about the anime.

Nice chating with you. See you! ^=^

david233677 Nov 28, 2018

Thanks for following back! I haven't watched anime actively in years, really, but recently I've watched the 2nd & 3rd season of Overlord and I also started watching the newest season of Tokyo ghoul. I'm mostly just reading manga & such.

How about you, what have you recently enjoyed watching / reading?

I'd love to hear from you again! ^-^

sushisushisushi Apr 20, 2018

your welcome ^w^ hope you enjoy it if not ill keep trying :)

and im on season 2 so far :) 

YuseiFudoU Apr 19, 2018

Sarah, beautiful name!

Good question considering all the animes I've already seen.
I think I'm a big Romance,Fantasy,Action and Sports type of guy?

When it comes down to Romance I actually want to see the guy and girl get together at the end, otherwise I tend to lose my shit :P
Fantasy It's uhh...overpowered special powers that help the main character win I that get me I suppose..?
Action, well, if a guy can look cool in slow motion while slashing multiple enemies with a sword, I'm all game, oh and deflections! Deflecting a million bullets with a sword and scaring the guy off is usually nice to see too!
And for Sports, I am a big Football fan in general, I absolutely love the Football animes they have, REALLY LIKE the Tennis and Volleyball ones too and considering watching a Baseball one.
Think that sums it up