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Synopsis is a lie, the story is mystery and practically horror and doesn't focus too much on the MC's development (which is what I was expecting). Regardless, the cast of characters is too big, and the MC has a very weak involvement in the actual 'plot' of the story so far. As such, I find it hard to really care that much about the whole heathen, binah, whatever since the MC's stake in these events is really minimal.

I think it could be an enjoyable story, but the synopsis and plot feel like they came from different comics entirely. I recommend it if you want a mystery/horror, but if you want to see an MC heal and grow, then this one doesn't really fit the bill.


The synopsis is hardly at all what the story is about. In fact, the crux of the synopsis gets resolved in barely a few chapters. The MC practically just wakes up happy and suddenly wants to live after years of emotional abuse and neglect. Which is fine, but I thought that was the core of this comic? That the binahs had to work to try and get the MC to enjoy life. It was solved that easily? What was even the point of that whole introduction arc.

The comic then takes this weird turn into a horror mystery thing and I kind of lost all will to continue reading. This isn't what I signed up for. It doesn't focus on the MCs development or their experience in the world, just strange things like heathens and binahs or something. It is tagged mystery though, so I guess I shouldn't be too caught off-guard but eh.

The MC's only connection to these mysterious events is that their day-job is an office worker in an investigative support role. So their stake and connection feels very minimal. I don't feel that they really care that much about their work, it's just something they do. And so, I find it exceedingly difficult to care either. Why do I care if this mystery gets solved or not? Why do I care what happens? The MC is just doing their job, if it doesn't work out then that's someone elses problem.


Also feel that there's just too many characters. What I was led to believe are the 'core' characters are practically abandoned in the first 30 chapters. They make short appearances only to show that they're worried the MC is going to get hurt. Which is nice I guess, but the relationship feels so superficial. Then we meet the investigative team the MC works for, and I'm not really fond of them. The purple haired guy is a complete creep but is given romance vibes and whatnot, almost made me vomit. We have the dunce puppy-dog eyed redhead, the borderline brooding black haired girl, and I forget who else. Their designs are unique I guess, but they all feel flat and moronic. Maybe it's a symptom of too big of a cast, we don't get to spend much time with the characters and so their pull to me as a reader feels very weak.

6/10 story
7/10 art
5/10 characters
6/10 overall

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