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Kara No Kyoukai is a series where Ryouga Shiki deals with so called investigations with the help of Aozaki, Mikiya, and Azaka through supernatural powers, gore, and suspense. This one however is an exception due to the fact that the character focus only narrows down through two characters who have the ability to foresee future called precognition (Shizune Seo and Mitsuru Kamekura) making the original cast side characters due to being a side story. 


Storywise, not bad and not great either making good in between as a result. In the beginning, things started off suspicious making viewers guess what's going to happen depending on their point of view until it narrows down as the story passes which makes it pretty plain obvious. The beginning reminded me of Psycho Pass' and Naruto Shippuden's first episodes since I saw both which is like a preview knowing what will happen later on. Now let's get straight to the point, the dialogue was heavy and it lacked the action that it's parent stories lacked but there was however plot twists, moments, and development that beat to it filling in information that we the viewers needed to know. First half of the story (Moebius Ring) was great because it felt like Kara No Kyoukai series all over again but the second half (Moebius Link), felt a little depressing and captured since it took 10 years later and the only thing that caught my attention was Mitsuru's character since he changed after Moebius Ring. Overall the movie wasn't bad as expected after going through an epilogue which involved pure moments of words and non action concluding the entire series leaving another spinoff to be made. The ending was a bit suspense leaving viewer's what to decide twisting some of their minds that this is an alternate future but it's not, it's to prove what the movie's theme or message is.


I've always been a big fan of Ufotable's animation since Tales of Symphonia Animation and as a result, it got me to where I am right now. Ufotable's animation is crisp, smoth, blending, and beautiful bringing the story's tone to reality as promised. The animation however is more themed towards magic like since Ufotable adapted both Type Moon and Tales Of as of recently.


OST was beautiful and themely oriented through dark, suspense, and action scenes. I find the OST quite unintricated because of the way the composers detailed it by delivering melodies of blend like chrous and instruments. As for my opinion, it was pure epic because this is what the series and studio is all about which would later be implemented to other series like the Fate Series. Kalafina once again did a great job with the theme due to their style.


As for the characters, Seo and Mitsuru were pretty much like the main characters for the rest of the movie putting the original cast as main/supporing characters. Seo was more of a key character into helping the original cast defeat Mitsuru which would give Mitsuru character development. Mitsuru started off great because he was a villain/antagonist of Moebius Ring only to have his life changed forever by Ryoga Shiki who spared her life resulting him as the main character of Moebius Link and Vice Versa, her soon to be lover Mikiya Kokuto would also change Seo's as well. In fact other than having two supernatural people with foreseeing powers A.K. Precognition, there is another foreseer as well who is named Ms. Diviner who was suspicious earlier but didn't end up becoming one having her playing a major role in the series where she would predict Shiki's future along with Mitsuru and Seo only to overcome them through the sense of righteousness that future can only be a potential future and not an occurrence. A new character who is introduced called Mana Ryougi who is Shiki's and Mikiya's daugter 10 years later and in terms of analysis, she is considered a secondary main character in Moebius Link other than Mitsuru plus it was weird to see her as a daughter since other stories are disliked for taking place in the future but either way she played a role in Mitsuru's development and through her dialogue, it was obvious who her father is. As for the original cast, Azaka wasn't present but Shiki, Mikiya and Aozaki were. Shiki, Mikiya, and Aozaki played roles that are less than the original story but brought an outcome that concluded the story as they solve through mysteries and scenes that paced the story to where it is.


I have no negative review but a positive one since all of the above factors met the requirement. The only thing that was fun in the film were references like GameBoy and restaurants. Side Story like this just proved that side story is a great story once more. I'd like to see other Kara No Kyoukai in the future but this one kind of threw me off in a whole new perspective because I thought it was a story taking alternate universes in possible scenarios but after reviewing the story after watching it, it was shocking that they did in fact take place during the current timeline. I'd rate this 10/10 as a result.

8/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
9/10 characters
10/10 overall

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