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Ai Tenchi Muyo!

Jun 26, 2017

Meh!  I would like to say it is a brilliant compelling story with sharp, strong, interesting characters but it falls short.  While it tries to achieve that, it goes in unprepared and underarmed for the fight to reach the upper echelons of anime quality.  Sure, the characters, when they bother to devote any time to them at all let alone developing them, look promising but they are never given a proper chance nor the time needed to truly shine.  As episodes progress, more and more seemingly random characters are introduced so not only is there little time devoted to those intiially introduced, it is made worse because as more characters are added, less and less time of an already short set of anime episodes is cut even smaller.  That is just poor planning on their part.  Through it all it comes out very confusing, cluttered, and random such that it almost seems no one even wrote it and they either just started doodling to make episodes or took drugs which would explain how meaningless, confusing, and jumbled they are.  I got lost a few episodes in not that I ever found the footing in this show in the first place, but I at least had a sense maybe I would be rewarded with a bit more story and character depth only to be let down.  i do not know if or when that will ever happen as I only watched between 5 and 7 episodes but with the way things were going, I highly doubt it and this is made pretty clear by how frequently and how many new characters kept popping up to make it even more of a mess.

The whole strong bdsm theme thing may not be a welcome thing for all viewers and certainly not for younger viewers, but there is a very very strong bdsm thing and inappropriate student teacher relationship.  Granted, it is not very logical, realistic, nor believable that that many underage students would have fun dominating a new teacher of unknown qualities let alone fight over him or that such a teacher would stand it without running or calling for intervention.  Oddly enough the teacher looks a hell of a lot like the miain character from Parasyte.  In fact, it could either be the exact same artist/drawings, or even a twin brother if not a close relation.  The show randomly jumps settings, worlds, and time periods so it is very hard to keep up or even understand what is going on in the story.  It goes from medieval, to modern, to space, with no set pattern or sense of what or why it is happening.  There is a vague impression he maybe like time jumping or jumping dimensions from an alien ship or something, but that is not even made clear, and it happens so briefly it is hard to tell if it is a dream, relavant, or one of the many time/world jump sub stories the main is bouncing around in.

If things were a bit more cohesive and focused on fewer characters it might stand a chance to at least be consistent and entertaining.  And it may still have some entertainment value, it is unlikely to make a lasting impression.

1/10 story
7.8/10 animation
7/10 sound
3.5/10 characters
2.3/10 overall
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