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Oct 30, 2016

Kapelteta is a half demon so the anime says but how she came to be makes no sense in light of previous descriptions of demons and watching them in action.  All they do is kill and destroy so how is it possible for one to have fathered her?  Yes we have another example of a setting the creators forgot to pay attention to and as a result we have things that just do not add up.  Magic is depicted as essentially using bullets so it never gives you quite the sense the 'sorcerists' (another made up word that doesn't make sense) have to use any of their own power and if they do not then how can they be infected with 'malediction'.  

It has a nice fantasy element to it but too many things fail to compute based on not just real world logic but by the very logic created within the anime itself.  Steinberg is a complex dramatically and emotionally scarred individual with practically a death wish for what he thinks are past sins even though those very sins saved many lives.  I can understand and even applaud Isaac's actions immediately after the incident at Strauss but I do not comprehend his attack on Steinberg.  There was foreshadowing I might have expected to have concluded before that point.  Isasc's hero was most likely Stein's father.  Isaac appears to have integrity but for some inexplicable reason throws it away after dealing with Oddman.  It honestly makes no sense nor does it match his character.  Even if it did make sense it was done to fast and left no room to resolve the foreshadowing of who Isaac's hero was nor was enough foreshadowing, set up, or reason provided about Isaac to make him react like that in the end.  The best thing about this is the sound.  The English voice dubs, sound effects, atmosphere, and so on all matched perfectly.

I give props on the way justice was so swiftly delivered to Oddman with out any murky grey, lame excuses, or useless efforts to try to justify Oddman's malicious actions as seen in so many other dark themed, horror, or anime featuring villains that get away with it.  This one delivers the goods.  

Where this show loses mega points however in it's poor setting, foreshadowing, and randomly nonsensical and illogical contradictions against their own story.  It is difficult to take a story seriously that makes such errors.  I only seen one or maybe two examples of 'magic' that did not appear to use guns and may not have even used 'bullets' or whatever those cartridges are.  It is likewise tough to see the logic behind calling it magic if it is always administered like a gun and yet at the same time the anime tells you in the opening sequences that said magic and sorcerists are used in every industry.  Somehow I doubt guns would be a practical application in every industry.  I really want to give it a higher score but such significant and basic fails just make it impossible.

5.5/10 story
9/10 animation
10/10 sound
6.5/10 characters
3.5/10 overall
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