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This was a pretty good and fairly original story concept.  The first manga does an excellent job to pull you in and grab your attention.  Urara is one of the prettiest girls in school and cutest and would make a strong contender for one of the top ones ever.  She is however more than a tad overly logical, dispassionate, distant, cerebral, and lacks a certain feminine charm like personality. Yamada is barely more than a thug though one who like Bruce Banner in Hulk, often finds himself helping people despite his abrasive personality and punk reputation.  Where the manga starts to lose itself is after the story arc with the seventh witch.  After this not one set but multiple sets begin showing up.  The stories then start to feel a bit drab and formulaic with no end in sight where you had one before you get to that point.  I can not help but get the distince impression adding more manga chapters after that critical end point was solely to make more money and had little or nothing to do with the story, creativity, or author's original vision.  The story does little or nothing to alter that impression either.  Things feel a bit slowed down and muted even disinteresting after that seventh witch arc appears and passes.  I paused but may return and pick up on it later.  It loses a bit of it's teeth but I still have hope that it may improve and get that sharp edge it had before.  Aside from that, the story up until and the end of the 7th witch arc are pretty good and keep a certain kind of connected purposeful feel to it through out.  Yamada comes off as a kind of outsider witch who is not affected by the same sorts of things that affects the regular witches.  Shinichi shares this ability to an extent as well but seems a bit less able to affect those around him either with his more meek less active personality or his less useful powers.

Yamada can and will wear down on you as his personality never seems to change all that much nor does it feel like he grows in a very constructive way or well at least not at a respectable rate. You might feel a bit let down how slow it is if it is even there at all.  He does help others but his situation never seems to improve much and more often actually tends to get worse.  In some ways this is actually similar to the anime Erased.  You will not exactly know what I mean until you at least get to the 7th witch story arc if not finish it.

6.8/10 story
8.3/10 art
7/10 characters
7/10 overall

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