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Blue Dragon

Jun 22, 2016

Wow.  Not only did this show start off with a lot of lame manufactured over used anime cliches, but it did the worst kinds and not a very good job at that.

Sound/Voice:  The voices so did not match the characters.  This is pretty unusual because more often I find Japanese anime voices are more off the mark then the English translators.  

Animation: Tiny kids with big heads and ill proportioned bodies.  There are probably adult characters but they are not easy to distinguish from very underaged children characters given they look similar.  What I guess passes for adult characters, also have over sized heads and malproportioned bodies plus they are rather small and close in size to child characters.  All main characters appear to be children.  Not that it is necessarily impossible to find a child with such experiences, but it doesn't feel right nor does it add well to the story.  The story gives the impression that Jiro and Zola have alot of training and combat experience, but it doesn't really match their look.  It is harder to believe that not only one but two major characters look a bit underaged and still have such backgrounds.  You add to that 2 more child characters, apparently thrown into the mix, and it feels like the blind leading the blind.  

Characters:  It is too difficult to distinguish so called adult characters from children given how similar they look proportion, over sized head wise, and mismatching voices for their supposed ages.  It is annoying that so many major characters always look pissed off.  Seeing that tends to put the viewer on guard and ready for a fight or flight response in the back of our subconcious minds.  That's not a good effect for so called good guy characters to have on viewers.  It seems to be almost an annoying cliched standard in crappy anime.  Often anime has weird or stupid character names, but this show has some of the lamest so far.  Kluke??  Bouquet?  That weird looking mutant cat elf character doesn't look or feels like it belongs and I am reminded of "The Last Action Hero" through flashbacks whenever I see it onscreen.  The Last Action Hero was one of the lamest and worst movies ever made because it put a character into the story that didn't seem to fit.

Story:  So far, I have seen a severe lack of forshadowing.  Sometimes I wonder if any Japanese animators understand the concept and structure of stories since so many animes lack any forshadowing whatsoever.  It is not until the second episode maybe that Kluke even shows an interest in robots.  Then suddenly shes a tech wizard without any background to that effect since they never showed her building a robot, or playing on computers or reading tech books, it creates a sense that it comes nearly out of nowhere.  

This is so filled with terrible anime cliches: pissed off expressions on main characters; too many underage child characters in a non child like story setting; lack of forshadowing; bizarre characters or creatures that do not belong or fit right with the story or setting; and tsundere/yandere/kuudere/dandere type character who are often more like enemies than allies among others that it becomes hard to watch it without getting bored or losing interest.  It just is not interesting or unique enough since it is so filled with lackluster routine cliches.  The way the shadow power/creatures look is a little bland.  It isn't the worst thing or type of ability in an anime and is certainly imaginative but I am sure they could and should have executed how it was done a little better.  It just looks a bit too odd to see such a tiny body at the bottom connected to the characters.

2.5/10 story
3/10 animation
3/10 sound
2/10 characters
3/10 overall

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