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Dec 8, 2015

At it's root this anime is a lovelorn romance or a lost love/found love type of story.  What probably holds it back is how the family tragedy caused separation might be hard to follow or be believable and it feels a bit on the low budget side which is evidenced in some scenes in several episodes of the series.  Despite those drawbacks, this is a very enjoyable anime.  Anyone who likes romances or love stories is sure to find appeal in this series.  From the closing credits sequence you are treated to hints about the story with a shadowy figure that could be one of the male students, the true love Haruhi seeks, both one of the students she knows and her love, or it could even represent the unknown in the pursuit of love.  As the story develops, you are drawn in by the characters and their interactions.  Little twists and turns and some bits of irony are unveiled during the course of the series.  By the end, you are treated to how one life affects another and the chain of events that put every one where they are.  Some of the explanations are a tad clouded or even unreasonable or at least hard to understand logically as if not everything was fully planned out, but it still works fairly well.  The songs seem perfect matches for the opening and closing credits.  You dont get to see much other staff than one or two members or other students than the main which makes it feel in part like it is lower budget than the average anime.  However, what you do get is enjoyable with bits of comedy sprinkled in mainly involving the class clown, Yuma's best friend, or Haruhi's best friend.  They could almost be a comedy duo in another life.  It sort of works as a complete series but would have worked better if it was the first season of many and the first season had served as a build up of various characters to serve in succeeding seasons.  The very thing that works to make this a sweet simple story could also work against it leaving you either wanting more or how events or characters either effected their environment beyond school or how they might expand the story beyond the school grounds in succeeding seasons.  

Perhaps it's strenght is in it's relative simplicity as a love story with elements of magic.  Which if you listen to the songs at the opening and close you might comprehend how the title, magic, and love all fit together.  It is a cute story and though there is one flawed male character with a bit of a pervy nature, (Yuma's best friend), that isn't inherit in the character Yuma, thankfully.  He comes off as mature, intelligent, cool headed, wise, and with a certain sadness reguarding his less than stellar past.  Haruhi is an intellect as well being as she is the top magical student on the magic side of the high school.  The story opens almost ironically on Valentine's day which has a connection to her past and what she seeks most.  You easily understand how little contact one side of the school has with the other.  And fate has a strong hand in the events of the series.  Maybe it works best as a simple love story in high school.

9.5/10 story
6.5/10 animation
7.5/10 sound
10/10 characters
9/10 overall
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