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Our Home's Fox Deity

Jul 28, 2015

The fox god is cute, fun, and funny.  She is a powerful entity but is also naive and like a child when she is exploring the community and all the new things she did not get to notice while she was confined.  Yet despite her bitter past and sub par previous treatment, she is bright, cheery, and optimistic.  The sentinal though feels a bit shallow as if her character was never fully completed.  She is almost like a savant.  She is really good at one thing, and a complete failure at everything else.  But she is so bad and incompetent that it takes her the entire series just to learn a few new things most people experience as common sense.  Common sense wise, she has even less than the fox, aka Kuu or Kugen.  She is a typical dumb bimbo type character but with magical power.  If she were just a hair more intelligent, capable of learning from her past and mistakes just a hair better, and actually had some measure of common sense, she would be a charming if not dimwitted character, but as she is, she  is more of a nuisence than a boon to anyone around her.  

Another down side is Sakura.  She is a great character, cute, charming, sympathetic, endearing, and arguably as or more appealing than Kuu.  The problem is, the bonehead antics of the household head and elder brother, Takagami.  This type of cutsey chasing a love interest play is interesting for a while but as usual, anime too often drags things it shouldn't unnecessarily long.  This is one such example.  I may not be super senstive to a person's interest in me anymore than Takagami, but even I when watching it realize she is hinting at something and would at least inquire about it.  Takagami is so dim about that, that he would not realize it if she paraded naked in front of him with a giant sign professing her love.  Every episode Sakura appears in, makes me want her to win and finally get this dunderhead's attention, but the show always lets me down.  Hey the love chase game is fun but it shouldn't drag on forever and worse, never have that resolved reward at the end.  It is because they tease you like a carriage driver waving a carrot before a mule that a viewer like me gets frustrated.  

Other than that, Takagami is a fine and intelligent character, he just has no social sense or woman radar whatsoever.  But he has tons of good qualities that make him a good character.  I would like to have seen him wake up though.  His younger brother, supposedly has some sort of power too, but should it not be hinted at or seen at some point?  Another carrot dangled before the eyes that never rewards you.  Aside from a few flaws like this, this is a great overall anime. I suppose it needs another season or two however to feel complete as it has a few major unanswered or unresolved issues forshadowed through out the series and thats also a bit of a problem.  Still the strength of the charming characters and their relations is its strongest appeal.  The stories are mostly lighthearted and feel like filler but now and then there are hints of a overall long term story.  Ths is also part of the reason the series seems incomplete with just the 24 episodes available. There is never that really big feeling dramatic ending story arc many of us have come to expect from good stories especially anime series which commonly has an overall story to the series as a whole.  

One other slight annoyance is her sibling fox who we only see getting a full story near the end and as with the other dangled carrots it is a lead into an unfinished route.  Sometimes it felt as though the series lacked a sense of focus and other times as if it had too many side stories interfering with the overall story.  Yet it still holds a strong effect given the good characters despite some of the flaws with the anime.  It has a charm all its own that you only get to experience by watching it.  

If only it were improved in a few small areas and the series had another season with a more complete set of story arcs and so it provided some closure to all the forshadowing it left hanging and the unanswered questions it gave the impression would be answered but did not.

6/10 story
7.5/10 animation
7/10 sound
8.5/10 characters
7/10 overall

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