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Worst Anime

These are the most annoying, horrible, pointless, and useless anime I have seen.
1 Black Butler 2

Black Butler 2

Black Butler one set a standard that this was expected to follow, but did not.  Ciel might not have been perfect but I never got the impression he was truly evil or despicable and a total worthless scumbag waste of skin, Alois is that.  He establishes right away that he is lower than pond scum.  Maybe if it had a different title and was not quite as tightly connected to Black Butler, it might not rate so low, but seriously watching someone that despicable behave so bad so early one won't win you much of an audience.

2 11eyes


I may try to watch this again to clarify this more, but I avoid this show after watching it once.  It was awhile ago and I tried to forget it. I only vaguely remember it had something to do with a bad ending and how it relates to the character, violence, and the story.   I can not say if it was the bad ending that somehow conflicted with what was foreshadowed; or some sort of violence that was gratuitous and misplaced; or just something that didn't match or mesh well with the setting, premise, or characters.  I do know that it was bad enouigh that I avoided it almost as much as how fast I dropped Black Butler 2.

I also remember it was one of the most forgettable experiences.  Yet I watched it all through cause initially it did grab my attention but lost it by the end to revilement. 

3 Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

Any series that builds up one set of groundwork rules for which the show or its characters are supposed to be based on then disregards them completely for no foreseable story driven reason must have writers that fail to understand the basics of stories or how an audience responds to them.

4 SoulTaker


This is a total drug trip freakish dream with: no sense of direction forward or backward; no story writing basics as taught to the most elementary of students; animation artstyle so bad and flat you can not tell much of what is going on let alone when or where and it jumps around so abrutly it is hard to get any sense of the action; the oppsite of forshadowing made instead by sudden unexplained interuptions of the story or action; characters haphazardly thrown at the screen with so little of an introduction you might feel more for a box of rocks then any of them; and the realization that any idiot with some scissors and magazines he or she can cut up and plaster randomly on video could do a better job, you just know something is seriously wrong with the anime and/or it's irresponsible creators.

5 Rosario + Vampire Capu2

Rosario + Vampire Capu2

Rosariio two is nothing but as others would say "fanservice" made by illiterate comic book readers who so poorly followed the great manga story that they made it completely suck by comparison and even if it stood on it's own, it was so mundanely made that it would be slightly below average rating at best filled with so many over the top cliches and a worthless lead character caught in a endless boring cycle of repitition.

6 The Familiar of Zero: "Rondo" of Princesses

The Familiar of Zero: "Rondo" of Princesses

The lead male character here is only slightly less worthless because he can stand up on his own but he is so blind he can not tell the difference between love and psychological suffering at the hands of a twisted heartless b*tch.

7 Rosario + Vampire

Rosario + Vampire

Rosario season one is only marginally better than season two because it did not stray quite as far from the original story but it did stray enough that it did not resemble the original story in the way, Dracula Dead and Loving It, does not resemble the great novel, Dracula.  I don't really care if the lead was a total worthless and useless waste of space character, though that is not really good to have as a lead character, but it was so painful to watch him never changing or improving no matter what he went through, yet he did in the original story.

8 Freezing


This show is great if you totally loathe women so much you like seeing them constantly suffer, tortured, preyed upon, or torn apart despite supposedly having more power than any man.

It's a sexist fetishist's perverted twisted wet dream that had the makings of a decent story but could not help but go the psycho mind rape route instead.

9 Guilty Crown

Guilty Crown

It suffers from similar issues to Code Geass but it takes too much suffering and damage before the main character realizes something is wrong, while LeLouche either did and didn't care or never really does realize it.  I just could not tolerate how much enjoyment the animators seemed to have putting their so called hero through so much and how quickly and unreasonably he jumped into twisted psychopathic madman from understanding cool headed hero type, then gets essentially destroyed after all the other characters descend from innocent victims to residents of the worst asylums or twisted villains themselves who deserve that and more.  Who then is left to stand behind root for or identify with?  Wasn't this supposed to be a type of hero story?  Maybe they should have called it carnival of souls 2 or something instead, at least then you expect twisted nut cases making up all the characters.  Eh, it is just hard to understand or like a show that essentially forces you not to care about anyone there and dismantle it's own genre and setting and character development.

10 Blue Dragon

Blue Dragon

Somehow a giant floating blue smurf with a dragon head and no legs coming out of someone's foot just does not scream a good idea.

11 Knights of Sidonia: Battle for Planet Nine

Knights of Sidonia: Battle for Planet Nine

The awkward creepy infatuation the giant pink robot like alien clone of his lost girl friend is just too unsettling to keep watching.  I get it might have some assocation or closeness to him but wow this sort of thing makes even adult baby diaper fetishes seem quaint and normal by comparison.  No offense to those with it but you don't air those sorts of things publically either.  Some things are meant to stay private.  But the bizarre eerie love interest this 20 foot plus alien cyborg robot feels for the main character just goes into a whole new level of creepy and like some butthole sociopath with an itch for annoyance constantly dragging nails across a chalkboard, it just keeps reminding the viewer over and over again about this creepiness so much it over shadows anything else about the show.  

12 Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi

Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi

First of all the annoying as hell inappropriate accents immediately put me into my ready to puke mode the same way a monster might put people to fight or flight, annoying puts others to prepare to puke or scream kind of choices.  Even without that the show just moves so agonizingly slow like some low budget British small theater stage play that can only afford two actors with lots of dialogue but it were read by Ben Stein doing his dull as hell teacher act.  All I saw was two oddly tanned Japanese students with freaky Southern US accents sitting on bridge railings or signs or whatnot talking constantly about parents or problems and everything else in the back ground moving as fast as turtles in a slow motion movie.  

One word, boring, and two words, annoying.  When a set up and setting is so bad, dull, boring, or annoying, it gets real hard to last long or stomach watching such a show.

13 Fate/Zero


Like Code Geass and Guity Crown, this is another series with a story or major characters that undermine or totally destroy their own setting or character development.  It makes me wonder what Japanese animators are taught that they could make such mistakes or have no idea about the most basic fundamentals of storytelling.  The main issue here though, is it has a hero character who murders maliciously anyone in his way and a villain who tries to stop him??? Umm HUH??  This show got their good guy and bad guy reversed. Then suddenly at the end or near it, they swapped? Umm, huh?  How can a evil monster like him be a good guy ever?  Even after the swap, the priest's brand of evil was far less destructive or malicious as what the so called hero guy had.  Kind of makes me wonder what sorts of morals and ethics are being taught there to see things this way.  

14 Hell Girl

Hell Girl

This actually a great show with wonderful opening and closing songs, but it has absolutely no character development or it is so rare and little if it is there at all that it might as well not exist if it does.  Hell Girl and her squad are supposed to be main characters yet, I have seen more development in exposed film than this show regarding these so called main characters.  Character development is a major fundamental of story telling.  Even if the character is somewhat vague, ghostly, POV perspective, or does not appear often or whatever excuse you might offer for such a failure, you still need to develop characters or you don't really have a flowing story.  It sort of works as individual shows or does work more like that than as a series, but since it is a series, it really needs more work in building the characters.  I scored most features pretty high but, the character aspect was so bad I would give it a 0 or lower.  Don't get me wrong though, she is a decent character it is just too flat to work as a main character even in each episode so over the course of the series she and her crew totally fail as characters.  She is more like a minor or supporting character that appears frequently in several individual disconnected stories.

15 Do You Love Your Mom and Her Two-Hit Multi-Target Attacks?

Do You Love Your Mom and Her Two-Hit Multi-Target Attacks?

Umm.. I get the mom surpasses the son in power and heroism, but sheesh her over the top creepy babying demeanor kind of even makes Hannibal Lector look rational.  I managed to watch a few episodes but, each episode just got more cringe worthy until I couldn't stomach the nausea any longer.  Honestly, her total lack of regard, respect, and self awareness of herself especially how she slimes off to others is at least pitiable. I get the sense she's closer to the abusive mother from "Mommy Dearest" than she is to a June Cleaver.  Because of how much she makes her son suffer without appearing to acknowledge he exists or at least as more than a play doll to her, is mind boggling.  How much she disrupts his every attempt to mature, grow, develop, and establish his own identity is almost beyond that of a stalker.  I also thinks she lies because some of her excuses for her horrible behavior are well beyond logic and reason.  It may seem I'm focusing on her a lot but frankly, she pretty much hogs all the attention in the show to that essentially no other character even matters.


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Epimondas Sep 28, 2019

I appreciate the comments LadyRosiel, but I put guilty crown on it because it leaves no one to root for or identify with.  Maybe he changes later but to put essentially every character into an antagonist role for so long and then the only character not totally twisted eventually following suit removes anyone viewers can feel palatable to get behind.  It’s a so called “hero” story with no hero nor allies, friends, or hapless victims to rescue.  It’s empty for a hero story.  Ya sure maybe things changed but that it happens at all means there’s no solid anchor or foundation type character to get viewers through the rough spots either which would have at least made his tragic transition phase more tolerable without the bottom dropping out from lack of good characters to get viewers past those hard parts.

Rosario is without a doubt one of the worst anime ever.  It’s not just because it was full of such tacky and over the top cliches but also cause it was so far from the source material and no where near as original or as good.

I can think of a few romantic comedies that did screw up a story so bad that are far better, or at least I think so (Both Lists).  Most are on my other lists.  

High School of The Elite 

High School Romantic Comedy SNAFU


My Roomate is a Cat

A Certain Magical Index (features a good romance side story between Touma and Mikasa with plenty of the best comedic moments.)

I can also think of a few far better examples of antiheroes anime and sad hero anime than guilty crown.

Cross Ange

The Irregular at magic high school 

(not anime but another good example) The Iron Giant 

Darker Than Black 

Angel Beats

LadyROSIEL Sep 23, 2019

I DON'T agree.
GUILTY CROWN for me is a masterpiece, especially considering that it is an anime born before manga. The protagonist: as a hero he becomes an anti-hero, to return to being a true hero on the final, but he is also the hero who comes to sacrifice himself to the point of being saved to save everyone; and is practically unknown by the population. A sad ending but rich in feeling. And different from the usual. I cried as much as Hare dies that I saw her perfect for the protagonist.

ROSARIO + VAMPIRE is my favorite farce-romantic comedy. (Funny comedy)
An "ecchi" anime done very well. Funny that combines fantasy but who knows how to dose the elements "ecchi" without being vulgar like so many other souls of this kind born after they don't even have a plot, but only disguised porn.
I Like the characters and the course of the story. Very reminiscent of Ranma 1/2 with some warmer scenes.


The blue dragon review lmao I'm dead bro

Epimondas May 16, 2018

You are welcome and thank you for the comment and compliment.

Stela Apr 9, 2018

thanks for writing explanations, I enjoyed reading your perspective on these anime.