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The best of what makes no sense but is fun to watch.

Anything on this list has big fails in story structure, setting, characters, direction, art, sound, foreshadowing or any of the basic standards you normally learn in English Composition on how to create a story, yet they all still have entertainment value.
1 Myriad Colors Phantom World

Myriad Colors Phantom World

Myriad jumps around enough that it is hard to keep track of what is real or what is dream.  Though it lacks a sense of cohesiveness and at times seemlessly drifts between fantasy and reality (thus you can't always tell which setting it is taking place in), it is still a fun show to watch.  The parts that are good are very good.  It is just this uncertainty and sense of displacement means it is difficult to comprehend.  Nah, it really does not add up well then again there might be a certain bit of structure to it's lack of logic.

2 Vandread


Vandread is pretty well structured however logic kind of takes a back seat as to how the two planets are separated by gender and how they maintain it.  Sure it pokes fun at gender stereotypes, among other things, but still it leaves a pretty empty plot hole as to exactly why and how or how each planet developed such ridiculous notions of the other or why they are frequently at war.

3 Monster Strike

Monster Strike

Monster Pinball.  The concept is fairly benign but while I dont have a huge issue with pinball stories, there seems to be little use or matter for those pinballs to be monsters.  Little effort is made to use monsters for more than just balls in a pinball machine thats become the real world, but there are a few times it does go beyond mere balls.  The show resembles other older mainstays like, Pokemon, a bit too much though with better art.  Oragon for example looks a lot like a red version of Pokemon.  Some characters are introduced as key figures without much premptiion or set up such as the weird angel girl that appears in episode 18 or the former champion the episode before that.  Perhaps because each episode is so much shorter there is less time for story development but that doesn't matter, any story no matter how short or long needs proper structure and development or you aren't doing a good job.  They used to make seriels and shorts and even silent movies that were as short or shorter as these episodes and still managed to make a sensible story out of them.  The accumulitive episodes do a great job of builiding up mystery but end up pushing alot of baggage on to each successive show that so far has yet to materialize.  So we have alot of mystery and build up but no resolution.  That is not exactly good story telling protocol.  Alot about this series does not follow logic or proper structure very well and it shows but it is still surprisingly fun to watch.  I could never rate it super high or give it high marks for overall quality but it still manages to capture a sense of fun.  I wish they invested a bit more in a good writer or at least building up a good story with some adherence to proper etiquette.  Perhaps part of the reason it manages to be fun is that though it misses the mark on several story telling standards, it gets close enough to several of them that it might be easy to overlook.

4 Fractale


Fractale is a pretty fun story however, there are more than a few things that may leave you scratching your head.  Such as why the vr avatars look so good graphically but are just ugly designs or why there is that 'shrine' in space that does not seem to have much function or use or why the story ended the way it did with a bit of a "HUH" issue about the main couple.  There are several other missing bits here and there that could easily get you puzzled about the whole story.  So just tag along for the ride without too much deep thought and you will be fine.

5 Howl's Moving Castle

Howl's Moving Castle

Howl's doesn't miss the beat much but there are a few things that may have you cocking you head and mumbling "whaaa" about.  The scarecrow moves but no clue how or how he maintains balance or how he somehow seems to communicate.  How does Sophie keep changing young and old and how does she break the spell?  It just seems to wear out over time without any explanation.  How and why does she treat the Witch of the Waste so well despite what she has done and what is more puzzling is why and how does the Witch of the Waste herself change so much?  It is never quite clear.  Why does Suliman go to such lengths to get her student's attention?  How and why was Howl cursed?  Though you get a vague impression why it is like alot of other things, never made very clear.  Why does Suliman summon mages and specifically the Witch of the Waste only to do what she does?  Did they have some kind of friction in the past?  A lot of the major plot elements never exactly equal out in the end so a lot of questions are left hanging.  



The main issue with Gate is, the gate itself.  It is never really addressed how or why that came to be and if so why just one?  Why does the empire take so long to realize it is outmatched?  And why does the prince keep making a fool of himself as if he likes the abuse?  Not to mention it makes Japan look a bit like an Imperial power seeking expansion and conquest rather than a mutual trade pact.  This is emboldened by the fact there is only one gate and Japan seems reluctant to share access with anyone.  Aside from that, it is a pretty good show and pretty funny with one or two exceptional characters and a few pretty good ones.

7 Xam'd: Lost Memories

Xam'd: Lost Memories

The whole Xam'd process never adds up and the show never explicitly addresses this short coming.  Here and there are vague hints but no solid facts.  This ties into the entire story and plot since the enemies are apparently based around the same strange transformation trigger, disease, process, or whatever it is that causes humans to turn into monsters and weapons.  The mysteries are a bit to vast to simply overlook when it is so critical to the main story and main characters.  It is a pretty fun and exciting show if you can overlook its lack of revelations.

8 The Fruit of Grisaia

The Fruit of Grisaia

The Fruit of Grisaia may well take place in an alternate world though since it never expresses that, we do not really know.  What I do know is that it makes little sense that an entire school compound would be constructed, maintained, and staffed for just 6-8 students.  Their attempts at explanations fall extremely short.  Even if I gave it up that they all had tough problems, one can not reasonably say that only those 6-8 would have such a mess of issues in one fair sized city let alone all Japan or the world for that matter.  So even by their logic, there is no logic.  Just enjoy the action and pseudo desparate for the only man in the world with similar problems harem play (LOL).  Yes it does sound pretty farfetched and ridiculous, but it is still a good enough story to watch if you don't count on it making much sense.

9 Overlord


Overlord is well, I will just say "welcome to the only video game story transported to another world theme that leaves every player alone except one".  HUH?  The reasoning of such stories in general is a bit of a stretch but for it to only effect one person is nearly astronomical.  How often has anyone ever been in a game where people left before it was shut down for good?  If it doesn't matter to stay or go or has no serious risk to say your computer or console, then no one would have a reason to leave early.  If they said it was shut down for maintainance or it might adversely affect your account then it might make some sense but of course the one left would have to have no sense of time, be extremely stupid, or fell asleep online (which I think he technically did).  When he gets there he has near onmipotent powers far exceeding his video game character and the world seems to take on a life of it's own.  It appears to be more like a massive brain trauma and he is in a coma than an actual alternate world.  It is a fun show but the setting doesn't quite measure up to snuff.

10 Hayate the Combat Butler!

Hayate the Combat Butler!

Hayate starts out of the gate unrealiistically and does nothing to create a setting where it's inherent unrealism makes any sense so the story itself makes little to no sense.  I do not know of any first world nation that would hold a minor responsible for the debts of his parents or for that matter any couple in a first world nation able enough to rack up such debts as to be foolish and irresponsible enough to abandon their child at least not both parents.  Little about this story makes sense and it has no setting as I said to prepare you for how it might make sense in this obviously alternate world, but as it never says it is one you as a viewer have to take it on face value that it is not one.  Another thing is, if Hayate's family had enough resources to train him in martial arts and build up his body to the degree it is, it makes little sense that his parents would be irresponsible or too poor to pay off any debts.  There are a few other things that you will discover make little to no sense either and why it belongs on this list.

11 Active Raid

Active Raid

Before I even finish episode one I can tell this already will make no sense.  It jumps to fast from one thing to another without prepping the viewers or satisfactorily creating a setting.  You won't feel grounded in the story before the next scene suddenly jumps out at you.  All the characters talk so fast even the subtitles seem to move at blurring speeds so even if you have a clue what is going on it won't last long since it is so difficult to understand the characters let alone keep up with them.  No good stories come from splatting the canvas so fast with jumbled words from the collague of characters.  Talking fast works in commericials or as jokes but not in everyday conversations nor in stories.  Right off the bat you might feel as if you were thrown into an out of control rollar coaster or a bumper car with a short.  It is fast paced, and filled with humor if you are fast enough to catch it.  You are as lost as the new arrival.  Oddly when I first heard her character talking to herself or thinking, I got the impression she was an enemy or a spy.  That is how screwy the show is and how little sense it makes but it is fun to watch.

12 Gonna be the Twin-Tail!!

Gonna be the Twin-Tail!!

Twintails' lack of sense comes from it's illogical motive for invasion and source of magical power, aka twin tail fetish.  LOL.  I know right?  As quirky as it is, it is not a bad show by any stretch, just the silliness of aliens trying to steal a love for some quirky fetish and somehow leave earth a dead world devoid of fun just never makes the logic meter move.  It is based in some silliness that is silly even by standards of silly, campy, and goofy animes.

13 Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Like Twintails above, Gurren lacks logic in it's absurd silliness.  This comes mainly in the form of the never ending one upsmenship of rivals til they get so ridiculously large and powerful they aren't even in the same plain of existance. I can understand a good story that might say go to such an extreme display of power but the way this story does it just screams goofball and unrealistic.  There is only so far one can suspend their suspension of disbelief and this story totally shatters what is reasonably suspendable.

14 Sekirei


Alien powers affecting girl's who are forced to harem themselves to some walking, usually male, humanoid pool of power.  Is that about right?  Ya thats a ridiculous excuse for a sci fi harem on a basis that has little reason.  It is a fun story to watch though.  The powers displayed and fight scenes are pretty exciting and above average but the whole reason behind it doesn't measure up except maybe as a psuedo fan service excuse to have an atypical poorly structured harem theme.

15 Otome Youkai Zakuro

Otome Youkai Zakuro

Eh spirits mating with humans?  HUH?  Can ghosts reproduce?  These are supposedly spirts, gods, or otherwise non corporeal beings yet have some perversion to kidnap and mate with humans to produce half breed supernatural/human hybrid catgirls or dog girls or so on.  Umm what were they smoking when they came up with that idea?  Ya it doesn't really fit the formula of what makes a lick of sense.  It is though not a bad anime to watch if you can set aside how ridiculous the concept is and by it's own story logic.

16 Okamikakushi: Masque of the Wolf

Okamikakushi: Masque of the Wolf

The setting is so twisted it tries to make the immoral moral with laughable arguments and very poor sentiments.  When serial killers try to look sweet, innocent, or pretend to have hearts and souls, but keep doing terrible things, are we really expected to take that at face value?  This is not so much morallly ambiguous as morally screwed up.  The show is fun to watch partly because the story and setting appears to be similar to Howling and Werewolf of London but by letting violent crime go unpunished and the lead characters acting as those crimes meant nothing just makes you shake your head and wonder "How is this supposed to make any sense?"  

Well it does not make sense.  You see th story build up to a disappointing conclusion.  Even without the moral screwiness, the action stagnates after Isuzu vanishes and totally sabotages the best thing about the show, the buddign romance.  On the other hand you might be expecting some cool ah ha moment twist but it never comes.

17 Strait Jacket

Strait Jacket

By the logic of the anime itself, the 'demons' are creatures that were once human but used to much magic.  All we ever see are demons that go mad and kill and destroy everything in site yet we are also expected to believe that one demon developed carnal lust and begat Kapelteta.  Logic contradiction anyone?  Other things that simply do not register as reasonable are sorcerists use bullets or cartidges to cast magic, so it never seems like said magic even comes from them yet somehow their bodies are gradually infected with the demon transforming disease 'malediction'.  It is said there are not enough 'sorcerists' yet the primary problem of the military/police wings are dealing with transformed sorcerists.  If they really have such a huge shortage, where are all the monsters coming from?  See not much stands the test of reason or logic.  Yet it is still fun to watch.  However as a story and a series it fails on so many fronts and gets a bad score.

18 Unbreakable Machine-Doll

Unbreakable Machine-Doll

Sucking humans dry for magical power to use in artificially and magically created mechanical dolls is the basic idea behind this series.  Putting aside how many unexplained plot holes failed to rationalize how this works or makes sense, it is almost hard to see the point of a doll if the humans are the ones with the magic to supply to them or use or make them move.  Wouldn't it make more sense to forgo a doll that saps your mana and power and just use straight magic?  The logic behind many things in this series is fuzzy at best.  Yet it is not a bad anime to watch once you put the illogical aside.

19 K: Return of Kings

K: Return of Kings

The explanations and backgrounds are rather vague to say the least and yet every character in the story seems to take it as normal every day life how some people have magical powers.  Early on, the story does not make a heck of alot of sense but it is nice to watch despite misfiring on qualities of story structure. We see use of magic and for some reason that never really passes muster this capability came to a select few from Nazi Germany or something to that effect.  What makes even less sense is why suddenly pick this particular nation or neighborhood and why do we not get any sense of some kind of global effect or imbalance due to the 'discovery' of magic?  This story sure looks good and promising and all but it just had too many plot holes spread all over the road that the story is built on.

If you thought all that was bad enough the convuluted confusing ending and main villain makes even less sense and more so how that is dealt with.

20 K


A WWII mad German scientist creates super powers and immortality for himself but comes to Japan and uses them to run the country in the fashion of territorial rival gangs.  Eh?  Yep, but that is what it is.  Makes sense huh?  LOL.  I never really got why they fought each other or why some are so angry at others let alone the superficial connection to the sword of Damacles.  Though it makes sense vaguely what connection it has to Damacles.

21 Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash

Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash

You wake up with dozens of other people in an alien world from some so called normal world yet you don't remember it at all save some vague recollections that come up randomly and you can get killed here in the new world if you don't randomly kill monsters for gold.  Hahah.  It isn't much more complex than that, but unlike SAO or Log Horizon or other such stories, you are given no clues that this is even an alternate world at first let alone how anyone got there.  In fact, the connections to any other world like our own real world are so vague you might begin to wonder if they came from a world like ours at all or not.  It is not as good or fun as the dozen or so other video game stranger in a strange world type stories but it is good enough to watch if you can stay awake past the first episode or two before it starts to get modestly good or make more than an ounce of sense.

22 Freezing


I am hesitant to add Freezing 1 and 2 to the list because of how brutally, sadisticallly, and inhumanely women are treated but most of the story aside from that barbarism is actually pretty decent.  However, so much about it does not add up and even the setting feels a bit inadequate that you might need a guide book to understand the anime and figure things out with out getting completely lost.  First and foremost, I suppose is how once again the world has to depend on underage school girls who often wear nothing but skimpy skirts and outfits to 'cough' fight in.  Secondly, how does the male who has more of these weird alien implants not have some kind of uber power or the power of the women?  The logic behind it just does not add up and makes even less sense given how only one or two others in the history of this anime's world has as many or more as he does.  Ya, sorry no it makes absolutely no sense and would make more sense if he had more unique skills that coincided with his even more unique physique.

By the way the low rating is there for a reason.  It is too gender brutal to women, but the reason it is on this list is because if it were not for that and all the illogical crap, it would be a far more entertaining show.  It is a bit more illogical then most on this list so I say that as wishful thinking that if it had more sense it would still be grade a illogical instead of grade a ++ or something.

23 Freezing Vibration

Freezing Vibration

Season 2 does little to enlighten us to the illogical things and adds more stress to the would be harem but also ramps up the sheer unfettered hate and violence against women.  I can not help but ponder if either the author, director, studio head, or some important figure behind this anime totally hates women with a passion.  This one keeps up the same story line and is in some ways more fun but other ways more depressing watching so many women made to suffer in the most brutal ways.  Again if such gender hate wasn't so obvious in the series, it would be a almost decent anime, not to mention if it made a bit more sense.

I am reluctant to include this or season one here because it is such an afront to pointless violence and women, but the parts that don't suck like that are so well done you just know if the studio, creator, writer, or director or whatever were not so screwed up, this would be a pretty good anime.

24 Slap Up Party: Arad Senki

Slap Up Party: Arad Senki

Toss a coin and pick a random character template and adventure.  That's close to what you get here.  It is so sporadic and random it is difficult at times to see there is a main story in there somewhere.

25 Maria Holic

Maria Holic

So Maria's sister is afraid of boys yet going to a boys school.  Umm how can she even handle that?  So the main character is a super perverted lesbian who is intellectually challenged and given a purse/school bag that has some unknown blob like octo monster in it.  Ya try to make sense out of any of that. It is fun when the blob monster is in it and Maria doesn't pick on the main too much other wise it's blah.  Frankly, it also does not make alot of sense as to why Maria is there in the first place relating to some bet or inheritance.  Yet it really does not have any logic or reasoning there.  Even if his sister had a phobia and that was in part to help her, there are limits to how far one could and should go.  There are limits to have far their parental figures should go for this inheritance bet thing too.  The maid does not help given how much she appears to hate 'Maria' and her situation.  The fact she is a live in maid is a bit quirky to say the least.

26 Bloodivores


This show has a pretty unique position since most of what makes no sense the story itself establishes. By the show's own rules and logic, there are many things that do not correlate the way they are supposed to do. Some characters are called vampires yet do not seem to possess any extraordinary abilities to affirm that. For example, after capture, they were all given weapons, if they were truly anything like the vampires they are supposed to be, why is that necessary? They die a bit too easily to be vampire or even vampire like. A rare skill is supposed to be rare but so many seem to have it in the series it looses it's sense of being remotely rare.


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Epimondas Sep 9, 2020

Perhaps but that makes it a bit boring because so many show do atypical things like that.  It'd have made more sense if the story took place after the Meiji revolt and before the end of WWII.  Plus, honestly that would have made it a bit different even though some shows have that setting, it isn't many.  If a writer radically departs from our reality; common sense; or status quo as it were, then said author must establish the difference in some way.  Preferably making it clear but even a few dropped subtle hints would work if it establishes said pattern of "Its not the world we know" kind of thing.  Besides from that, I saw several things that evade all sense and logic even into the second season where all those matchups happened out of nowhere (just a season two example, mind you).  That doesn't make it a bad show though because despite the lack of reason, it was still pretty fun to watch.

Zalis May 10, 2019

Regarding GATE:

"Not to mention it makes Japan look a bit like an Imperial power seeking expansion and conquest rather than a mutual trade pact."

That's consistent with the author's right-wing/nationalist leanings. Adherents of that ideology want Japan to be a glorious military power, and chafe at the pacifist constraints imposed by the post-WW2 constitution -- hence the "this other world is technically part of Japan!" loophole they exploit. Other ideological tells include distrust of other nations like China/Russia/USA and lamenting that political/diplomatic concerns are holding the military back from accomplishing its missions.

Epimondas Aug 11, 2018

But see you kind of pointed out the issue.  I’ve seen the movie more than once, and while it has it’s good points, it is unclear about some things or missing infor mation.  You broke down some of it, but it wasn’t present or wasn’t very clear in the movie.  A couple things you mentioned, I speculated upon myself or could infer or guess about but I wasn’t sure since it is well laid out.  I always thought Howl was: her favorite student that didn’t school; or join the government when he was needed; or was her son.  I know scarecrow was a prince but some details were a bit unnatural and seem to break story logic or physical laws without any foundation, that’s all.  I’m not saying it was bad and made no sense, that’d be like “Lost Highway” or “To Die For”.

moonbears Jul 16, 2018

Hi, I randomly found this list and as a HUGE Howl's moving catsle fan i feel obligated to anwer all your questions (most are in the movie but some are answered in the book) 

The scarecrow moves but no clue how or how he maintains balance or how he somehow seems to communicate. - the scarecrow isn't really a scarecrow he is the prince of the neighbouring country that was cursed, because he isn't just a scarecrow but a magic scarecrow he can keep his balance as his curse wasn't supposed to turn him into a fully inaminate object, he communicates through "body" language not by words, using gestures to show his intentions like handing Sophie her shawl

How does Sophie keep changing young and old and how does she break the spell? Sophies curse revolves around her self esteem, the better she feels about erself the younger she turns, you will notic ethat when she is first cursed she looks older than half way through the movie, she is still old but not as old becasue her new found friends show her support. When shes feeling brave she turns fully young. After Sophie finally saves them from the bomb and stuff she is confident in herself and later when her hair changes to a colour she likes and things turn our great, the curse breaks and thus she is free

 How and why does she treat the Witch of the Waste so well despite what she has done - she is kind and forgiving

and what is more puzzling is why and how does the Witch of the Waste herself change so much? - the witch of the waste changes her appearance using her magic, after its taken away by suliman she turns into her true age as she doesnt have magic anymore 

 Why does Suliman go to such lengths to get her student's attention? it is not to get his attention, she wants to get rid of him as she belives he is harmful since he is both powerful and heartless- quite physically

 How and why was Howl cursed? In the scene where sophie sees howl in his past, he is seen eating a falln star (kalcifer) to get to be kalcifers master he gives away his heart like a transaction, kalcifer's power for Howl's heart  

 Why does Suliman summon mages and specifically the Witch of the Waste only to do what she does?  She summons any evil witches and wizards like the witch of the waste to get rid of their power so they cannot hurt anybody

Did they have some kind of friction in the past? No, but the witch of the waste and howl did, he once pursued her but let her go as he realised she wasnt a beautiful kind women  but an evil one, at the time she looked beautiful on the outiside though

ColloquialDuck Dec 25, 2016

I feel ya mate; all in all, this decline of quality within anime, tv and movies as a whole gives us incentive to read more books. I've started reading more myself, and it seems to be more fun to visualize what's happening in your mind rather than accepting what's on the screen. Plus, everything is much more fleshed out, like it should be. The Hyperion Cantos series is among my favorites so far, and I would most certainly recommend them to you for a good read, especially if you have a Kindle  : D