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Most Adult Oriented Rated R Level or above Anime

These are the most adult oriented, inappropriate for children, pornographic, violent, mature themes, or most filled with sexual situations/suggestions of all anime that I have seen at least one episode. All shows here are probably inappropriate for any child under high school and many are probably only good for adults only. I think changing this list to this title covers more ground than simply Saying “intended for mature audiences only”.
1 Redo of Healer

Redo of Healer

The level of violence, sexual situations, graphic assaults and rape scenes in this is far beyond any anime I’ve ever seen. It doesn’t mean it’s a bad story per say but it’s very heavy and not one easily consumed by even adult minds. Granted what happens in this show is often hard to watch and maybe difficult to see who the righteous or protagonist is, but it’s also true that it is clearly about revenge and the torture this character goes through makes very hard not to see some justification for his actions if not at least understanding. Be warned this show isn’t for the faint or light hearted.

2 Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid

Valkyrie Drive: Mermaid

From the get go you see yuri, nudity, sexually suggestive actions, strong bdsm and fetishism, objectification, and kidnapping. There is no place but to call this seinan, adult, hentai, porn, or ecchi or all of that.

3 Pandora in the Crimson Shell: Ghost Urn

Pandora in the Crimson Shell: Ghost Urn

This series is the closest I have seen to outright hentai porn in a supposedly mainstream anime. It may not have much in the way of nudity or actual physically suggestive content other than some girl on girl kissing, but it has very strong and clear sexually suggestive symbolism such as a robot that acts like a dirty old man chasing girls and inappropriate photos of them or appearing to get excited in a way a dirty old man might. Kissing may normally be rather tame but the way it is done in this anime and the sounds the characters make go a bit beyond what most parents might find acceptable. In order to activate a kind of super power a perverted action must be taken which only adds to the already strongly sexually suggestive scenes and symbolism. If you have kids under 18 or 17, you may want to avoid this series altogether.

4 Freezing Vibration

Freezing Vibration

The level of violence against women illustrated in this series is very extreme and may not be appropriate for most underage viewers.  It is so extreme and violent even adults may have a hard time watching it all.  This is more than just fanservice nonsensical crap like attacks that strip clothes off of girls as women suffer violent deaths or mutilations or even sexual assaults.  There is virtually no extreme it will not reach against women or measuring bar it will not rise past.  This is one of the most violent series I have ever seen and shows some of the most and bloodiest, goriest, and sickest deaths.  It is probably the most brutally violent and extreme parade of assaults and violence against women in general ever put in anime films.

5 Freezing


Season one is little better than season two since it takes place slightly before some of the more gruesome battles and fights and before some of the sexually suggestive assaults on women.  It is still pretty extreme but only slightly less than season two.  It's credo seems to be about displaying as many ways to violate, hurt, or kill women as possible. 

6 Highschool of the Dead

Highschool of the Dead

Highschool of the dead has some pretty mature themes such as non consentual type sex and extreme violence.  One of the teachers is a super pervert who exploits scared students in not so teacherly ways yet proves he is too self centered and selfish to ever guarantee anyone else's safety let alone even help their chances.  There is basically scenes of child on child violence even if they are supposedly undead it might be too much for some viewers so be warned.

7 High School DxD

High School DxD

DxD has among it's cast of characters the all time most perverted character I ever saw.  His whole world revolves around women's bodies, women body parts, and states of dress or undress.  He openly talks about the most perverse things through out the series and often finds himself in rather mature sexually suggestive situations.  Be warned this series also has nudity or scenes very close and suggestive to that at the very least.  Some of the other shows on this list might have more nudity but I hope the descriptions are more than enough to suggest that.  DxD is a tad toned down from other shows higher up but not by much.

8 Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse

Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse

Total Eclipse features some of the most gruesome, gory, and graphic destruction, violence, and death ever seen in an anime.  Freezing is really about the only anime I've seen that has more of that particular brand of mature rating material.  Do be warned because younger children especially will likely have nightmares.  There are giant monsters in enormous numbers that rip people apart and eat them and quite a bit of those details are shown.  On a lesser note, there are some scenes of bias, racism, and bullying that won't sit well with some parents or children either,  but to be fair, those elements are part of the story that builds the drama and the need to unite.

9 A Predator in a Skirt

A Predator in a Skirt

I am sure most of us would agree porn is very adultish and not suitable for younger audiences.  In it's modest defense, so far it is not as blatant, outright, or quite as purely pornographic as some on this list but even what the short episodes show is more than comfortable to qualify as anything but at least one or two X ratings so far.

10 So, I Can't Play H!

So, I Can't Play H!

There are strong sexual situations here as well as violence but the sexual situations are a bit more extreme than most so called main stream shows.  The lead character provides power to none human world entities through sexual stimulation just so you all know.  It is more likely than not too much for most viewers under high school age at least.

11 The Testament of Sister New Devil

The Testament of Sister New Devil

There is alot of sexual suggestions and actions going on in this series.  There is a loli-esque succubus that loves to turn up the heat and yes in that way.  This series involved increased magical and combat power through perverse actions.  

12 Danganronpa: The Animation

Danganronpa: The Animation

The entire Danganronpa series involves underage students killing each other or dying ala Saw type tactics and traps or more direct murder.  It is not a show for everyone and I highly recommend not for anyone below driving age if even that is old enough.  Some scenes maybe hard to watch and this is mostly due to the age of the characters and victims of extreme violence.  Violence in this series is well above average and almost to the level of actual violent crimes.  At the very least, it is more than enough to remind past victims of such things just how horrifying the experiences were.

13 Interspecies Reviewers

Interspecies Reviewers

This series is almost hentai and it's been suggested as such by several reviews I've seen already.  It features sexual situations, nudity, sexual suggestion, and at least hints sexual activity.  It's about two horn dogs in a fantasy world who though quite capable against enemies are primarily focused on making out with females of various species then posting reviews of their analysis for others to read while getting paid to write the reviews that happen to be very popular. It's not a bad story or setting however, I wouldn't recommend younger audiences to watch it.

I will add, this series is actually pretty good but depends on mostly adult humor so not age appropriate for everyone.  The biggest downside is the episodes are all like short stories centered around hentai behavior and I will also add that some of the most graphic scenes while shown is blotted out in some way but still this clearly an adult show.

14 Elfen Lied

Elfen Lied

Elfen is EXTREMELY violent.  It shows more blood and gore than your average Hollywood horror movie.  You would be well advised to be cautious or rather not let young children watch it. I’d probably recommend no younger than 15 but 14 might be pushing it.  Besides it isn’t even a very good show because the violence is more senseless than a high end action film or a slasher flick.

15 Guilty Crown

Guilty Crown

Guilty Crown can be hard to watch.  There is exploitation of scared women for sex and possible near or actual rape scenes, and extreme graphic violence.  What is worse is that all this is done to, by, and with underaged children still in school.  Sure it maybe high school and even if some are 18 or older, it is highly unlikely all the characters that suffer in this series are so.

16 Akame ga Kill!

Akame ga Kill!

This series is all about rebellion and assassins.  The characters murder people and use magical powers and equipment to help them do so.  Some characters are as sick and twisted as your worst real life serial killers.  Some scenes are too graphic for immature audiences since some of the murder victims are quite young and innocent looking though in many cases they are as bad or worse than the murderers.  It is frankly hard to tell who the good guys really are let alone who to root for as so called protagonists.  Both sides end up doing things that may well make you question if one or the other goes to far.  Akame Ga Kill is one of the more violent anime series you will likely ever even hear about and may not be fitting for all ages.

17 SHIMONETA: A Boring World Where the Concept of Dirty Jokes Doesn’t Exist

SHIMONETA: A Boring World Where the Concept of Dirty Jokes Doesn’t Exist

The lead female character loves spreading porn to bring back the freedom to have it and think about or talk about naughty things.  It is done with an air of light humor but there are some fairly mature subject matters and themes prevalent in the series.

18 Seitokai Yakuindomo

Seitokai Yakuindomo

This is another series where the girls are the most perverted characters.  This time the girls take turns teasing the lead male character by constantly talking about sexual issues, topics, or just using dirty words or even using terms or phrases that imply or suggest something more perverse.  The near constant references to adult matters may not be for everyone and certainly not good for certain minimal ages.

19 Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero

Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero

The lead character is a pretty perverted atypical playboy and yet is not as perverse as DxD's character and some of the characters of the shows higher up on the list.  One of his typical activities is to relieve ladies of certain intimate garments.  There are some rather mature scenes involving states of undress or nudity as well.  Violence is there but not as bad as some other shows like Danganronpa.

20 The Familiar of Zero

The Familiar of Zero

Zero is on here for one main reason.  The lead female character, Louise is one of the most twisted psychopathic bdsm wenches ever seen.  What is even worse is that she is not the SSC type of bdsm practitioner and will make dommes everywhere look sick, twisted, dangerous, evil, and totally psychotic.  I have her as the single worst most hated character in anime of all time, and yes that is how bad she is.  Enemies treat the hero far better than Louise does.

21 The Familiar of Zero: Knight of the Twin Moons

The Familiar of Zero: Knight of the Twin Moons

Zero is on here for one main reason.  The lead female character, Louise is one of the most twisted psychopathic bdsm whenches ever seen.  What is even worse is that she is not the SSC type of bdsm practitioner and will make dommes everywhere look sick, twisted, dangerous, evil, and totally psychotic.  I have her as the single worst most hated character in anime of all time, and yes that is how bad she is.  Enemies treat the hero far better than Louise does.

22 The Familiar of Zero: "Rondo" of Princesses

The Familiar of Zero: "Rondo" of Princesses

Zero is on here for one main reason.  The lead female character, Louise is one of the most twisted psychopathic bdsm whenches ever seen.  What is even worse is that she is not the SSC type of bdsm practitioner and will make dommes everywhere look sick, twisted, dangerous, evil, and totally psychotic.  I have her as the single worst most hated character in anime of all time, and yes that is how bad she is.  Enemies treat the hero far better than Louise does.

23 Astarotte's Toy

Astarotte's Toy

The characters are under age yet deal with sexual slavery and sex oriented issues.  The lead girl is a lolita who is being pressured to take on some adult-esque behaviors revolving around sex.  Just the theme and atmosphere is enough to put a serious warning label on it to limit it to certain mininum ages.

24 To Love Ru

To Love Ru

To Love Ru frankly has one of the most suggestive opening sequences I have ever seen.  It is a bit more risque and bold than even the most daring opening Bond movie sequences.  That is just the opening.  The show itself has it's fair share of adult themes and suggestive situations that is not best for just any age range.

25 Re:ZERO: Starting Life in Another World

Re:ZERO: Starting Life in Another World

Re:Zero is a pretty good series with one of the most complicated stories and deepest drama.  However, it is also one of the most violent of any anime series within the mainstream.  It may not show as many deaths as others but the graphic nature and focus of what it does show is a bit more close up, personal, and detailed than most.  You get a strong sense of a profound level of suffering that makes movies like 'The Passion of the Christ' look pg and tame.  There are some scenes of lolita looking characters slaughtering monsters that may be too much for young viewers among other factors in the series.  There are quite a few adult themes and subject matter evident in the show which may not be best for just any age.

26 Strike the Blood

Strike the Blood

Strike is loaded with fanservice-ish harem-esque elements such as panty shots and women getting clothes torn off.  The sounds alone sometimes make porn movies look like children's shows.  However, in all fairness, it is no where near as bad or blunt as some shows.

27 Sumomomo Momomo

Sumomomo Momomo

This show is about a lolita like little girl constantly trying to: pressure a man into having sex with her; impregnating her; or at least marrying her.  These facts alone are not in line with expectations for underage children in many families.

28 Btooom!


Btoom has some pretty daring graphic and adult themes such as attempted rape and underaged characters murdering or getting murdered.  It may not be best for just anyone to see.  It is a so so show with some fairly unbelievable and unrealistic situations but then there are places where such a thing actually occurs as hard to understand as that is.  Btoom falls into a category not fitting for all ages and anyone who ever found themselves in certain threatening situations may not want to be reminded of their past.

29 Hybrid x Heart Magias Academy Ataraxia

Hybrid x Heart Magias Academy Ataraxia

This show didn’t click for me much and I didn’t get too far into it, however, right off the key to activating power is for the creepy male lead to molest the girls. As they get turned on, their power spikes.

30 Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Little lolita girls doing dangerous violent magical combat and even getting seriously hurt or dying is not a theme appropriate for childen of the age depicted in the series or even years older.  The weight and serious nature of the very adult themes associated with the little girls is pretty heavy for anyone of any age to cope with.  Be warned it will likely give anyone under high school age nightmares if not serious emotional scars.  It is an ok series and set of movies but not for the faint hearted or those too young.  The subject manner is just too serious for younger minds.

31 Death Note

Death Note

More people are murdered in this show than probably any show ever in history including non anime.  It is done by a kind of death god magic however but millions are probably killed in the course of the show.  The strong violent adult theme of real death plays heavily on the show and may not be that good for anyone to see.  It feels a bit more heavy and profound than typical cartoon violence.

32 Hellsing Ultimate

Hellsing Ultimate

Both versions of Hellsing are pretty bloody, graphic, and violent but the second series is slightly more graphic than the first.  You will see alot of torn bodies and giant pools of blood often.  If such graphic violence is too much, you may want to avoid this show.  It is probably too much for most children and only at least high school age would probably be ok watching it.

33 Hellsing


Hellsing is a pretty violent and graphic show.  It is not appropriate for just any viewer or age.  There are bodies torn apart and plenty of blood splatter.  Violence is treated almost as a common every day thing so the impact is a bit underplayed.  Yet the theme and level of violence is pretty high and beyond what most would children should be allowed exposure too.  

34 Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul

The first episode is one of the most violent and graphic first episodes of any anime.  I have watched the full season. Season two is not much better just so you know.  In episode one, you will see people torn apart and/or eaten.  So just be cautious about who and what age you let watch this series.

35 Seraph of the End

Seraph of the End

In the first episode, just like Tokyo Ghoul, is one of the more violent first episodes ever.  In this case, little children are seen ripped apart and murdered.  It gets slightly better as the series progresses but there is still plenty of mutilations, bloodshed, death, and graphic violence to go around.

36 Seraph of the End: Battle in Nagoya

Seraph of the End: Battle in Nagoya

This is not as bad as season one but there are some flash backs of the murder of children seen in episode one of the first season.  The event is frequently talked about through both series and will be into season three if it follows the original manga/novel series.  Aside from that, Seraph two has plenty of it's own brand of violence, mutilation, murder, death, and utter blood thristy carnage.  The last couple episodes are probably worse than any of season one except it isn't children so in some ways not as bad.

37 Demon King Daimao

Demon King Daimao

Demon King is a pretty good show taking place in a magic student high school but it has a bit too much ecchi, sexual suggestions, panty shots, and other suggestive scenes.  In all honesty, the excess of the fanservice harem exploitation of females seriously hurts the show and it would have been a much better series without it.  They did not even really connect any of that well with the story itself and like so many others did it gratuitously and needlessly.

38 Deadman Wonderland

Deadman Wonderland

An anime about underaged children going to a brutal privately owned prison where prisoners are forced to play life and death games or fight one another to the death is not something intended for all ages nor recommended for all stomachs to handle.  The level of brutality and violence as well as who does it and who it is done too make this show fitting for this list.  One of the characters is one of the most psychotic nut job murderous lolitas in anime history.  Then again, several characters, men and women, are pretty violent and insane.  

39 Hell Girl

Hell Girl

The feature character in this series if you want to call her a feature character or if this truly qualifies as a series makes deals with desparate humans to end their living hell only to send them to real hell right after they die.  In the end, both the client and the subject end up in a torturous destiny.  The one behind these deals is a hellish lolita girl who always accompanies the sinful to the other side.  Since every episode results in a demon basically murdering someone in one fashion or another due to some extreme grievance or torment perpetrated by the offender who ends up in hell first, this show is not for just anyone.  You will see real life like melodrama played out before hell girl comes to claim the offending soul.  Both the act of removing their existence from the real world and the reason each of them end up in hell are fairly extreme mature topics that not just anyone nor any age can handle.

40 Heaven's Lost Property

Heaven's Lost Property

The lead character is one of the most perverted ever and constantly finding ways to take advantage of women or finding opportunities to spy on them or steal or peek at undergarments.  Several female characters wear slave like collars and act a bit too obediently so there are some D/s characteristics you may feel are too early to allow some children to watch if any.  The levels of mature themes are a bit beyond what you usually expect in relatively mainstream anime.  

41 Pandora Hearts

Pandora Hearts

If nightmares were given a story form in anime, this series would probably be it.  The whole show is about living through one such nightmare.  So it is not wise to let just anyone watch it.  There is some gruesome violence and fairly frightening nightmarish situations that fragile young minds might well have trouble with.

42 The Fruit of Grisaia

The Fruit of Grisaia

Almost any harem story might well belong in a seinen/mature category but that is not what makes this series so befitting of this list.  The backstories of each of the characters are the sorts of extreme realistic life experiences that could give anyone tremors or nightmares and not just those underage.  The tough eerie yet gripping horrors each of the characters went through to be placed in this special school is more than enough reason to add this show to the list.  Fair warning to the faint of heart, each one will give you goosebumps but the last two are especially horrific.

43 DearS


Any show where characters are treated as slaves is not for young minds.  The extreme eerie anime version of a quirky D/s relationship is carried to a near creepy level in this series provided you carefully read between the lines.  Even without reading the implied meanings, the flat out blatant interactions and behaviors are a tad over the limit of normal fun D/s play.  And for that, it is a bit on the mature/adult situation warning side.



Erased at it's heart is a more realistic story of Freddy Krueger or the clown from It. It is about a child serial killer and some of the situations, settings, scenes, story, and depictions might be too strong for anyone especially younger children.

45 Cross Ange: Rondo of Angels and Dragons

Cross Ange: Rondo of Angels and Dragons

The abuse, prejudices, mistreatment, and near rape overtones of this series are pretty strong and too much for many young minds to handle.  In a way, it is a bit like a more realistic, dramatic, tragic version of Snow White, Rapunzel, or Cinderella done in the kind of horror story way you might see on night time news after some stalker is caught for preying on women.  Ya it is about like that.  The kind of traumas and horrors Ange goes through are pretty tough for anyone.

46 Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online

Season One depicts adult themes like a couple living together and people dying from playing video games.  It is not something you would read as a bed time story to kids.

47 Sword Art Online II

Sword Art Online II

Season Two delves once again into themes of people dying from playing video games and gender dysphoria.  Another theme involves at least one character suffering from a fatal disease.  These are quite mature themes and not appropriate for just anyone.

48 The Promised Neverland

The Promised Neverland

The gruesome nature of this series is evident.  It isn’t a bad series and features very deep drama and mature themes but the fact is some children are featured torn apart in it and eaten. So it maybe too graphic for some.

49 Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan

Giants eating and tearing people apart are things you might have read in the most nightmare inducing children stories before they had censors.  The level of bloodshed and horrendous deaths and violence is pretty high even among gory horror movie standards.

50 The Legend of the Legendary Heroes

The Legend of the Legendary Heroes

Legendary Heroes revolves around magic so potent and deadly it can cut people in half or make their blood boil and explode.  Viewers will actually get to see some pretty graphic scenes.  It is not the kind of thing I would suggest children watch.


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AnimeFan6 Oct 15, 2023

I agree that Pandora Hearts doesn't belong here.

AnimeFan6 Jul 8, 2023

Charlotte is above Another. That makes no sense.

Kataphraktoi Oct 5, 2022

This list is actual trash. Got stuff on here that is rated PG at most. Missing borderline hentai titles, also stuff like Mnemosyne missing.

InsaneSocrates May 18, 2022

I have watched about 90% of this list and can agree for the most part, the analysis thatt was given.  However, there are 2 that definitely do NOT belong on this list.  Both Pandora Hearts and Guilty Crown do not belong here.  Whoever wrote this was really grasping at straws as to why they deserved to be on this list.  Either one of them could easily be replaced with Sekirei, Triage X, Claymore, or the Future Diary.

lizardjuarez Apr 15, 2022

You make it sound like these animes were made for all ages, these animes are made for teens and adults. If children are watching these it's on their parents to protect them from the anime. This list is really not needed.