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Biggest Disappointments

These are anime that start out strong, great, look promising, or even just have great premises only to mess up before the end of the first season, one way or another. Such things as "jumping the shark" are included here.
1 Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

It's hard to say if the best spot for Code Geass on the list is number one but after watching nearly the entire first season where the main character, LeLouch, was built up one way to see his entire character, progression, and history totally demolished unexpectedly and for such a lame ass reason, I did feel pretty let down from much higher expectations that the series encouraged in me prior to that disastrous episode.

It gave me such high expectations only to dramatically let me down in epic fashion.

2 The Familiar of Zero

The Familiar of Zero

The story and premise looked so promising.  I watched several episodes over several seasons hoping that the stupid Loiuse would finally grow and develop even a smidge as a character but she NEVER does.  Her eccentrities may have been forgiveable or even charming if she freaking matured and grew any as a character but holy cow I swear she actuallly gets worse.  A few things makes this even more disappointing:  ALMOST every other girl in that show is a far better match by a factor of at least 10; he is from another world and doesn't have to take this or be here at all so why would her bother for a ungrateful worthless bitch like her?; even the enemies treat him better; there is never any reasonable atttempt to demonstrate why she is such a heartless whench so that at least then it might be understandable, not tolerable but maybe we might understand; even worse, there is never rhyme or reason why the hell Saito would either like the witch, Louise, or would tolerate her shit; and lastly, she is teased horrendously giving viewers the impression she is an innocent bullied victim in the beginning only to be horribly disappointed and lied to since she turns out to actually be the single worst most deplorable disgusting bitch ever put in an anime.  And there might actually be genuine reasons she is teased.

It's the story that keeps on disappointing.

3 Kingdom 2

Kingdom 2

Season one of Kingdom was spectacular and easily one of the best stories and story building anime experiences of all time, then we have season two.  Season two writers must not have watched, read, or been told a single thing about season one because they got almost everything about it WRONG.  How a story can flip so freaking much from one season to the next is almost as out the blue as Lelouch forgetting he is smart in late season one.  The same characters I saw in season one and their relationships that made it a great anime were wholly absent from season two.  

I have to ask.  What the hell happened?  Did some yokai come in and suck out all their memories and/or spirits and replace them with other peoples'?  In season one, several characters were strategic/tactical thinkers.  Hell, part of Shin's very growth as a character came from Ou Ki's training which involved, tactical thinking.  We expect him to be smart or even get smarter by season two, not turn into a complete idiot and erase all he experienced and learned in season one.  Not to mention the other characters that did 180s.  Season two is a HUGE let down.  It is a decent show if it were not called Kingdom Two since it essentially has nothing to do with the story and characters from season one.

4 Alderamin on the Sky

Alderamin on the Sky

Like Lelouch, Solork goes from being a genius to a hapbless idiotic boob in one episode which totally flips the very show's entire essence on it's ass.  I never saw any kind of setting that attempts to make us viewers feel like it was the IT thing to accept blame for the biggest morons' mistakes in your nation, but maybe I missed it.  Even if that was the culture, after seeing Solork always 2 steps of ahead of his oppenents, it comes as a shocker when he is caught with his pants down as if he had never read a strategy book in his life all the sudden or simply forgot he was smart?  I don't really get it but it makes no sense so I lost interest with this huge ass disappointment.

5 Knights of Sidonia: Battle for Planet Nine

Knights of Sidonia: Battle for Planet Nine

I dunno, but there is only so much creepy unnatural uber weird I can take, and the second season of Sidonia goes way beyond that.  Tanikaze becomes a little creepy from the innocent sweet naive dork he was from season one in this show.  He suddenly forms an eerie relationship with an inanimiate object? No a robot? AI? Spirit? Ghost?  Frankly, I am not entirely sure what Shiraui is but she isn't human, at least not entirely or she was once human? or the Daughter of a human? Ugh, even her origins are as confusing as hell.  I think she might be some kind of accidental human/alien bio organic mutated ghost ship? or something.  The point is she is about 20 feet tall and not the same species as Tanikaze but some how Shiraui gets creepier with each episode.  I stopped watching before they started doing it as it was leading me to believe would happen or that he would use her appendhages as sex toys or something else creepy weird.  The relationship was too uncomfortable and intimate for a being like her and frankly didn't fit with the  series prior to that.  

Tanikaze might be a nice guy, but I never got the sense he was a creepy pervert that likes to get jiggy with giant cyborg alien ghost ships.  

6 Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress

Kabanari starts out great.  Each episode looks better and more exciting as the humans and hybrids struggle against hordes of zombie liike infected humanoids then he fights the girl he loves near the end and things go to hell.  Earlier in the series , it was said the creatures were tougher than humans and can heal and that they hybrids were even more exceptional, so then how come after a critical fight with the one person who shouldn't have been so easily manipulated, he doesn't heal?  I hate it when the show makers forget the show, past story, or the characters.

7 Freezing Vibration

Freezing Vibration

Freezing was never a huge winner but there was hope that season two might fix and finally improve and make sense out of the mess of season one and not make it worse like it did.  The single best let down though is what happens to the super creep mega evil criminal, Louis, or rather what doesn't happen to him.  Umm aren't shit heads that commit such heinous acts usually get punished by authorities?  Or at least some karma thing kicking his ass?  After the extreme degree he abused people, nothing would have made this show instantly better than seeing this douchebag get it.

8 Spice and Wolf

Spice and Wolf

Spice had alot of hype about being a good show.  Then I tried watching it, but a show that is actually less exciting than watching mold grow can't be that deserving of hype.

9 Black Butler 2

Black Butler 2

Ya know when you make a second season, you expect maybe not exactly the same but at least something remotely similar.  This starts out not from a good guy's perspective but from a dickhead's and immediately, I want to see him die a horrible death as soon as possible.  I don't think that is a good way to start a series.

10 Guilty Crown

Guilty Crown

The show looked good initially and the episodes were building a great story with promising characters, then we get to some kind of nut case war and it all goes to hell.  Shuu may not have been the best lead character but I highly doubt that sort of direction made much sense or was called for.  And many of the other characters were so bad, corrupt, or evil it actually makes his worst actions look downright saintly.  Umm was there a point in here somewhere?  I must have lost it.  Basically, when you trash everythiing about your story and leave nothing to cling to hope for either a good or even a sensible direction as it comes to a close, you might lose interest.

11 Rage of Bahamut: Virgin Soul

Rage of Bahamut: Virgin Soul

Bahumet season one was pretty good.  I won't fluff it and say it was the best and there were a few things that might make say French nationalists spit at the screen but season two delves into uber creepy.  The biggest reason not to like this show is Mugaro and the second biggest is Charioce.  Mugaro's back story is the kind of thing to make your skin crawl and make you puke shortly after or at the very least make anyone with any respect towards religions to burn blu rays and dvds of this series.  Look, I can somewhat get the angel mating thing even if it is a bit cringeworthy at that, but what they did to make Mugaro, I don't get.  Even more I don't get how Jean could LOL see that thing as a child let alone hers by how he was created.  Charioce's biggest issue is he turns into a pure shit head a bit too soon.  If he was smarter he would have waited at least until his endgame was a bit more assured.

I really don't think any sane woman would look at such an experience and go 'Omg I got pregnant' or 'Omg I had a child'.  I think they would run screaming out of the house.  This isn't how it happens in the bible stories or Greek myths.

12 Ranma 1/2

Ranma 1/2

Ranma just jumps the shark with the giant cat creature.  It never looks right or that it belongs to the show and in the end comes off like a cheap copout or cheap ploy to get ratings except it backfired.

About Episode 72, we are presented with a perverted giant talking cat. Yes this is the moment it became ridiculous and compelled me to stop watching.  Up until then it was a pretty good and funny show.  Sure they had talking animals before, but they were rare and actually humans that were transformed by magic.  But the fact the lead character also was magical transformed in a similar way prepared us for them.  The sudden appearance of a giant talking cat with no apparent connection to a human life form was to much however.  It looked like a toy or statue and not even really like an actual cat.  The suspencion of disbelief was totalliy destroyed.  Other animals look remotely like actual animals but not this creepy looking festival mascot.

13 Hand Shakers

Hand Shakers

Hand Shakers is a show that looked good on paper until you watch it then you might wonder why you did and wasted your time.  Hand Shakers will make you think the title has to do with masturbation from how the action plays out like some sick pedophile pornographic fetishist bdsm game play, but hey maybe some perverts out there are into child porn but not I.

I can only imagine pedophiles in prison would enjoy this show.

14 Rosario + Vampire Capu2

Rosario + Vampire Capu2

Season one was not that great in the first place but at least it followed the manga about hmm 10% where season two pretty much manages to stray even more.  The biggest let down is the cheap shitty ending that once again had to shift the total load of dependence to Moka even though it had a chance to pass it around.  The ending is so far from the manga series you won't even recognize it.  The manga is superb but the show sucks balls.  If it didn't have a manga or I never read it, I still would not rate this show very high, because it does to many cliched things and is far far too cheesy to take it for the story that it is and should be, a horror romance with a bit of comedy.  The anime is im not really even sure what genres it is tryinng to dive into.  Overall it is a cheap harem wanna be fest full of cliches; underused good characters; messy plots and story arcs; cheesy nuances; tacky plot devices like that fat bat thing; and a horrible ending made worse from foreshadowing that lures you into expecting much more.

15 Hell Girl

Hell Girl

Hell Girl looks good.  You may want to like it but most stories/tv show series' are supposed to have things like characters and character development.  If it had done things more like the Hitchcock show or Twilight Zone, it would not be such a odd thing or a let down, but it inserts the noninvolved characters into the stories which just makes it odd and suggests it needs better story and character attention.  Sadly, it keeps trying to play them out as if they are non involved characters despite their clear involvement as if that is an excuse to totally forgo their development.

16 Sword Art Online II

Sword Art Online II

SWO 2 is actually a pretty decent show BUT the last half of the season is a huge let down.  It is executed rather poorly and kind of destroys the mythos they created about their characters.  Even if it does not per say, I get the distinct impression Kirito either was not doing his best or maybe used her to create an artificial impression he is not a beater by letting her do better than she should be able to or letting her win.  At any rate the whole story is sappy and tacky at best and creepy, shark jumper, cheap pitiable ploy to poorly create bad forced mushy situations for more drama but it didn't really fit at worst.

17 Level E

Level E

I have to say, HUH?? or WHAT??  This show makes no sense after episode 1 and there in lies the disappointment.  It looked like a promising show sort of a psuedo modern anime version of E.T. or Mork and Mindy, or Batteries Not Included, or Cocoon, or Alf or any number of other hide the friendly alien movies and shows.  Then episode two happens and I have to wonder, what happened?  Episode two has virtually no connection from that point on to episode one.  Batman villains like a mind trip courtesy of Scarecrow or such makes more sense.

18 The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya

The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya

This series and the movie had alot of promise but neither one comes through.  While many others seem to think the show and movie are cute and Haruhi is a lovable god like being, I see a totally different picture.  The one I see is of abuse by friends and friends who don't behave like friends by giving into the spoiled nature of Haruhi that is going on unchecked in a dangerous fashion cause anyone with an IQ above 10 and an ounce of common sense knows, this won't last.  What happens to an overly spoiled brat who grows up and enters the real world where people she meets won't give into her crazy every whim?  And worse what if she really is some kind of powerful being?  The world is guaranteed to be doomed more so than if they had not interjected and she had a chance to learn reality.  But they spoil her and make her worse like someone abusing her so she learns all the wrong lessons in life and will go on to eventually get her hopes and ambitions grandly deflated or perhaps throw a hissy fit and destroy the world if she really is able to do so.

19 Freezing


Part of why this is here aside from the pointless gratuitious violence against women, is one of the main characters is singled out for having some unique qualities as if it was foreshadowing something, however, sadly, nothing ever comes of it that you coud attribute to that unique quality.  It starts out a good promising story about magical students but ends in frivolous bloodshed and violence for the point of having excess violence and bloodshed.  None of it even appears connected to the story, or appears to have any kind of purpose or effect on it other than to have excess gore.

20 Fate/Zero


This show gets the good guy and bad guy mixed up and unreasonably expects the viewers to both accept this crap and understand it.  Sorry but from what I saw the so called hero in this series was many times worse, more violent, and way more evil than the so called bad guy.  Moral compass interference perhaps?

21 Fate/Zero 2

Fate/Zero 2

Season two clarifies somewhat who is good or bad but after season one and parts of season two, it is too late to fool the viewer.  

22 Erin


I am reluctant to add this anime to this list but around episode 37 or 38 the show jumps the shark. It does this by rendering nearly everything about the show previously pointless. Veteran animal handlers who work at the prestigious institution suddenly forget everything they should know about beasts from education and experience so they can act like total fools and forcefully create out of place drama.


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