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Best Protagonists of Anime

You guessed it. These are the best most aspiring heroic role characters in anime.
1 Hei


Hei stands above Misaka for among other things, he has better composure.  He is not as subject to emotional outbursts that could cost him victory as often or easily as Misaka is.  He is alot like Tatsuya, except a college age adult instead of in High School.  He is tough and dangerous with or without is super power magic ability and when he uses that ability he combines it with his sharp intelllect to make it far more deadly and effective.  No matter the opponent, how strong, or how many, Hei is ready to make a stand and come out on top of any situation.

2 Mikoto MISAKA


She is a brash temperamental magic super powered girl with a short temper.  She loses her cool at times as any kid would but she never abuses her gifts or looks down on others with less or even no power.  Her respect for herself and others is beyond reproach.  Her imperfections and bashful reactions are part of her charm.  You can always count on her to do the right thing.

3 Maple


Character wise, she has good and bad points, but I have to give her some 'weighted' for essentially having not one but two of my favorite powers that I don't think I've ever seen in another anime character.  Her turtle pet is basically a summon power and her 2 newest are shapeshifting powers.  These are such great favored powers almost never seen any character with one and I'm pretty sure I've not seen any decent protagonists with both.



He has such a selfless attitude any hero can only dream about.  He might seem a bit standoff-ish at first but he has good reason.  He never seriously hates magic just misuse of it.  He has a coolness, calm, and maturity beyond his meager years.  His sense of responsibility is admirable and befitting of any good protagonist.



Aside from the fact that she is willing to go so far and risk so much to help others, Maka is cool under fire and generally level headed.  She not only had an exceptional bloodline but even more exceptional powers and skills.  She walks the walk and talks the talk so she isn’t just bragging when she says she can help.  She’s got the best lead anime character qualities and characteristics such as being cute, smart, skilled, and powerful.  She may not have the same dramatic, emotional, or backstory range as other top lead characters but what she does have, she has more than enough to make up for such shortfalls.

6 Haku


Haku is lazy, unskilled, and one of the weakest lead characters ever, at least at first.  But his development is one the most amazing, complex, and complete of any anime character. You throw in the deep heart wrenching emotional drama that reaches an apex the end, and you have a truly great story.  His rise to the challenges he faces are nearly mythical given how he starts the story.  Perhaps never has a hero character risen from the unknown, mundane, or ashes to meet the needs of the many and risk or sacrifice his own health and happiness as he does.



Zen is nearly too perfect of a protagonist. In fact, his imperfections actually add to the sense he is a perfect character. It would be impossible to hate a guy like this who has all that power and royal privilege yet still maintains a humble humility begetting poverty or a skilled worker or other ordinary citizen. He never lets it go to his head nor do you ever get the sense he lets power corrupt him. The story of how he falls in love with a woman who starts out as a good friend rings true as the old adage 'marry your best friend' goes, though that would only apply to someone you are great friends with and attracted toward.



She is the best character in the Gate anime.  Her melee combat is so fluid it looks like she is dancing.

9 Frau


Frau is just a total badass.  He is the most impulsive and powerful of the ghosts and is so tough that he could challenge nearly anyone in the show to a draw if not a win.  He is strong and powerful enough to be on the top most powerful list of all anime characters.  He is supposed to be a preist of sorts but he has a pervert side, however he never makes it feel like anything but being childish. 

10 Randel OLAND

Randel OLAND

Calm, cool headed, gigantic, and kind unless you get on his bad side then he turns into a type of man made monster who is as tough and scary to his enemies as anyone can be.

11 Shinku


Not to brag but her story reminds me of my mom and her sisters.  She’s wise, cute yet mature and actually quite old.  Her demeanor might be reminiscent of a catholic nun.  She’s strict, moral, with immense powers hiding behind her descriptive appearance.  Between her great experience, wisdom, morality, and power she’s about as ideal of a protagonist/hero as you can get.

12 Tatsuya SHIBA

Tatsuya SHIBA

Sure I like his character and his autism like characteristics but his lack of social interest, could calculations, and his creepy overly affectionate sister drags him down the list a notch or two.  He’s very smart, powerful magically and physically.  Think of  Macgyver type character crossed with Jet Li and Shin Wolford and you have Tatsuya.

13 Bell CRANEL


He's a modern anime recast of classic Ray Harryhausen type protagonists.  He's more than meets the eyes which I can't say without unveiling major spoilers.

14 Balsa


In one sense, she's the ultimate big sister or in another, the ultimate babysitter.  Balsa is tough, caring and yet retains an air subtlety femininity and charm easily hidden by her rough exterior.

15 Birdy Cephon ALTERA

Birdy Cephon ALTERA

Birdy has been described as anime's answer to Supergirl, though she also shares some Green Lantern characteristics.  She may not be the brightest bulb and often succumbs to emotions, but she isn't lacking sufficient intellect and wit either but her superstar alternate identity and tremendous powers make her a great hero character.

16 Kazuma YAGAMI




18 Yona


19 Kenshi MASAKI


There are few flaws in either his character, demeanor, range of abilities and powers, impact on the story he is in, how he handles his antagonists, to how he deals with over sexed perverts constantly baiting him. He is simply an all around cool guy with OP skills cast in a setting where everyone seems to love or respect him. Even his enemies try to get him to join as they respect him enough that they even fear his powers.

20 Touma KAMIJOU


He seems like an all around nice guy who would literally give the shirt off his back to anyone in need but he has a creepy attachment to a creepy wannabe nun and doesn't ever seem to realize his fated sigificant other is Misaka.  He appears to be a helpless ordinary human with no power yet is able to take on and take down the most powerful foes in the entire series' world.

21 George KODAMA


22 Yuuichi JIN

Yuuichi JIN



24 Arslan


25 Emi YUSA


26 Junichiro KAGAMI

Junichiro KAGAMI

27 Daryun


28 Subaru NATSUKI


29 Isaac HAMMOND


Ya he seems like a bad guy and causes an undeserved rivalry with the lead guy but his singular act of revenge against some of the most heartless and above the law monsters in any show ever, automatically adds him to the list of heroes to be reckoned with.  Watching him lay down the law on the first person involved with the evil organization after what they did to his family brings a broad smile to my face.  You may feel relieved after watching lots of anime where villains get away with it or make peace with good guys and some how never pay a price for past crimes, watching him do what he does just makes you feel 'ahh there is some justice even in anime'.

30 Teng


You've got to love surprises and what he does near the end is one of the biggest and best ever.  Teng might look a bit like a simple minded dorky yes man at first and does little to change that image ever, but holy shit, when he finally steps onto the stage to show who and what he truly is, he practically steals the entire anime.

31 Qi WANG


This guy puts on an act of a pseudo metro sexual dandy, but in reality, he's a total badass that is so good, tough, smart, and all around nearly the perfect knight/generals, it'll blow you away.  What's more is the surprising deep drama story behind his act will tug at your heartstrings with how insightfully sensitive and romantic he can be.

32 Iruma SUZUKI


He’s simple, unassuming, and weak. Izumi doesn’t look like much or act like much and lacks confidence yet, he stands tall against monsters and powerful demons even when he tries to be sweet and humble, he makes them tremble.


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