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Best Perfect Couples

Each couple on the list is paired in order so 1 and 2 are one perfect couple at the top of the list then 3 and 4 and so on. Just to add a bit of info about scoring: longer and more clear relationships score higher; incorrect matches falsely attempted in a show with a bad match but corrected by me won't score as high; lack of focus on the relationship will score lower than a show that does focus more on it; and things like harem play will either score much lower or not make it on the list due to obvious reasons of obscurity among too many candidates.


If you were to write a perfect romantic story, how he first meets Haruhi would be one of the best openings you could ever come up with for a good romance story.  If you then add it to a romantic holiday then you have a guaranteed great love story.  The anime may look low budget and it probably is, but that still does not stop how good the story is or how strong and well thought out the romantic angle is.  Of course adding a little tragedy into the mix to create a strong heart felt sympathy angle isn't bad either nor is throwing in some magic and connecting magic to love.  This anime centers around a romantic story so it deserves top rank.  Most of the show is about pursuit of a romance.



Destiny and fate play a huge role in her love life and future.  Truth be told, her whole life revolved around one romantic gesture she experiences as a child which completely colors her future and her strong drive to experience that same event again and find that same person.  She comes off as a classic sweet girl next door but she packs a powerful talent in magic which ironically she got from that one fateful encounter with her love as a child who saved her from bullies.  It also relates to a later tragedy that almost ruins her chances to find love again.  Sadness and love are a great combo for a truly epic romance story.  Her strong desire to seek out her fate and take charge of that pursuit really help define her and her drive as a character.  Her fate centers around a romantic holiday and magic connected to love as well.  The whole sweet story while somewhat simple is so pure, romantic, magical, and wonderful, you may not even care that the show's budget is lower than average.



Zen and Shirayuki beat out Alibaba and Morgiana because, their story is more centered around romance and they form a close bond early on.  It isn't long before they assert their interest in each other is more than simple aquaintances.  Alibaba and Morgiana have yet to assert their relationship status as officially anything more than friends or partners in quests and their show is not as focused on the romantic aspects of the story.  They do not make the top spot because though the story is pretty strong as are the romance and relationship, it is not as clear as it is in Happiness!  Happiness focuses a bit more on the romance and the story of romance than Snow White of the Red Hair, but it is a pretty close call.  His story takes longer to develop but doesn't suggest clearly from the start that it is even a romance story per say.  Most of the first season and even parts of the second season twirl around doubts of anything beyond friendship between the two.  That is not a bad or wrong way to do a romance since it is often suggested 'be friends' or even best friends before you love or marry.  In fantasy settings however, making a romance clear will set your mood and interest where as the lack of clarity might deter some who look for the romance of pure fantasy love stories.  Zen, though in his own right is one of the most perfect leading man types and maybe too perfect.  Women usually like to find a few more flaws in their love interests.

4 Shirayuki


You might find her infatuation with Zen suspect given the circumstances that she was running from a thug who planned to abuse her.  Admittedly it does look that way at first and may even have been the reason for her intitial interest in Zen, but the story develops well enough and strongly enough around their evolving bond to go pass that.  However, it does also help push it to second place since the story of Happiness! and it's romantic angle is pretty clear from the start.  The only question in Happiness! was who the boy was she had fallen in love with long ago.  Her story strongly reflect a classic Disney'esque princess romance like it was most likely intended too and to be fair, her anime is one of, if not the best ever made if measured only by exectution and technique and not strictly the story, genre, or interest in that kind of subject manner.



He and Saeko know each other so well they can practically read each other's minds. Though he lost his first love due to an accident, it is clear he and Saeko make a perfect couple and that even his previous love Kaori would probably have approved of such a perfect match.  Honestly speaking, this anime is not a romantic one but, if their relationship is so obvious, plain, and clear so early on, you almost wonder.  He might appear to be a pervert but at the same time you almost get the impression it is either: to tease Saeko; make her jealous; or get a rise or reaction out of her so she pays more attention to him like a starving love sick puppy.

6 Saeko NOGAMI


She's Ryo's perfect partner. She knows what is on his mind often even before Ryo himself does. Her insight into his mind and heart are more than just friendly insight. She is clearly his perfect partner.  Saeko maybe holding back because of Kaori's hold over him or rather her memory.  And she maybe respecting that but she clearly holds feelings for him more than simple friendship at the same time and is often overly familiar with him to the point of whacking him when he misbehaves as only a mother, mother-n-law, or wife would do.  Though the show isn't a romance per say and is more about family, tragedy, pain, escape, and perhaps a torturous past, the romance play is there with more than one couple to boot.  But her's and his story is the strongest and most abundent in the show.

7 Alibaba SALUJA

Alibaba SALUJA

Morgiana and Alibaba may not seem the most romantic of couples but when you consider he saved her life more than once and freed her from slavery more than once, you have to believe she is heavily on his mind and in his case actions speak louder than words.

8 Morgiana


Morgiana though at first is an enemy, she is not one by choice.  And after about a rocky a start to any relationship as you can get, she is with him quite a bit and in turn saves his life almost as often and readily as he saved hers.  Plus she has the best legs of any anime character ever making her one of the all time sexiest if not the sexiest female anime character ever.



Sure Itsuki is shy and bass ackwards but that doesn't stop Rina from making the first move.  In fact, Itsuki befriends her online not knowing who she is and her guise is about as good as you can get.  Her guise is a much rougher look and someone who Itsuki would probably never take an intrest in based on looks alone.  He even avoided her at first, but after a rough start, they got along great.  Later, he puts his own life on the line to save hers.  That has to be a sign of love.

10 Rina IZUMI


She was attracted to Itsuki from the get go but never let on she had her eye on him.  Instead she took a round about approach and had him play a game that she also has a secret intrest in playing.  They eventually meet on this game and play it together frequently.  She apparently wanted him to like her back and not just for her looks.  Her plan worked out quite well.  She might seem a bit of a manipulator but her heart was in the right place and you have to hand it to a sweet girl next door type like her who knows what she wants.  Though the show itself does not quite center around a romance like Haruhi and Yuuma's do, it is strongly centered around one which is initiated by Izumi.

11 Touma KAMIJOU


This might arguably be rated a higher perfect couple but Touma has an obstacle or two in the way from making it absolutely perfect and though his show crosses over with Mikoto's, they could really use more together time between the two series, but what time they do spend is such an obvious sign of a perfect couple you would have to be blind not to see it.  He is constantly helping her out or saving her but still keeps his cool while she blushes at every turn.  The obstacle in his way is mainly that crazy nun, Index, where sorry there just is no romantic spark.  I mean for one, she is a nun, and two, all that is on her mind is either the thousands of books or food.  She just doesn't fit him even if she wasn't a nun, but her constant presence puts a damper on the otherwise perfect coupling between him and Mikoto.

12 Mikoto MISAKA


In one sense she is every bit the perfect Tsundenere type.  She resists her own heart but her body can't lie like she can to herself and she always shies away around him or any time any mention of him or the idea of a boyfriend is mentioned.  That or she blushes redder than a beet.  Her head over heels love for him is so obvious that you could literallly create several episodes of just her dealing with her reluctant interests and interactions and never run out of material or get bored.  A huge part of her charm and appeal as a character is how strongly she is infatuated with Touma much to her own chagrin or outright denial more to herself than her own friends.  It is cute how she resists her own feelings mainly it seems because she can not beat Touma in a fight but then maybe that is part of the reason she really loves him.  The main reason this is probably not quite at the top is the shows in which both appear do not so much center around romance as it does powers so this lovely side story is not the focus nor is it shown much, though it is shown in two differenent series.

13 Tatsuya SHIBA

Tatsuya SHIBA

This should probably be ranked higher but given how the writers like to play dumb about love, it loses a few points.  The story of the Irregular plays around with the heart strings never seeming to commit strongly to any one love interest, but it is obvious he actually does like her.  There is a tell tale little beam of light that seems to sparkle in his eyes whenever she is around.  Mayumi is even similar to his sister in some ways so he has a sense of familiarity with her which reduces his otherwise awkward nature.

14 Mayumi SAEGUSA


She is perfect for Tatsuya.  Though the show never exactly commits this concept, it clearly sets her up as the ideal partner for Tatsuya from the very first episode in the opening moments.  She is the FIRST and ONLY person he meets that fullfills both the role of treating him like a person from the get go with no prejudices, hangups, or contemptuous treatment.  And she also never wavers from seeing him as a person and valued.  Everyone else who ever showed a hint of romantic interest has had doubts or treated him like less than human at one time or another, yes even his own sister Miyuki did that.  For that reason, she stands head and shoulders above all as the best contender for true love and happiness for him and her.

15 Livius I

Livius I

His anime doesn't focus on romance or at least not initially. At first, he treats Nike more like an enemy.  Because of it's rocky start and imbalanced and inconsistent approach to a romance story, this couple can't place any higher than this.  It does however slowly develop a respectable love story even if at times it will feel a bit rushed, forced, or false.



Nike is a far better character than Livi.  She makes the story more plausible in the moments it stumbles.  Her carefree, tomboy behavior is endearing to viewers.  You might even feel she is too good for the selfish, egotistical, arrogant, jerk Livi, which she is.  If there were a better man for her, she would deserve him more than she is stuck with Livi.  Livi is even a bit sadistic at times in that he likes to watch others suffer. Nike is wihout a doubt the best character in the show and the best thing about it.

17 Sadao MAOU

Sadao MAOU

You have to love how sometimes some animes like to flip what appears to be good and evil.  Well as long as it is not done in a way that could confuse developing minds it is ok.  Some shows really do show some bad juju going on in a story and try to make it seem good but this show does a fine job of making those two lines blury and they add on the concept of biased propaganda to twist one side against another.  Despite these barriers, when Sadao finds himself in a new world and a new teen aged childish body, it is easy to see how he can overlook past problems to see his would be enemy in a new romantic light.  This lovely couple fits on the list in part because of the huge barriers they overcome to jump off the screen as a great couple.  And while yes, his work mate, Chiho, has a thing for him, there are a few obstacles preventing the 'perfect couple' concept.  One, she is still in high school and Mao is most likely much older than her so it is a bit far fetched and in approrpriate.  She's too much of a atypical large breasted, air headed dream girl to feel real and more like some typical man's creepy loli fantasy.  Part of why she ends up liking Mao or liking him more is cause Emi is so clinging to him and thus her reasons falter in legitimacy somewhat.  Sometimes she feels more like a reflection Emi's true heart that she has to face than a separate person which is a bit weird.  It's a relationship that starts at a workplace which many tend to frown on.  He is in an authorative position over her not only for being older but for being one of her bosses so the relationship potential suffers another hit because of that and worse, an authoritative position over a minor tends to come off even more inappropriate than just a boss and employee adult situation.  I could add several more here, but all in all, it just does not feel: as strong; legit; appropriate; or as long lasting and as strong as the sense you get from Emi.

One last issue is the vague hint of harem play which both makes Chiho seem less important and more common and Emi's seem more significant.

18 Emi YUSA


She was taught and trained all her life to hate the entire race that Sadao is part of yet when she crosses the gate to a new world and sees him no longer as the monster he is supposed to be and neither physically nor by actions. her whole world comes crashing down around her.  She is left wondering what is right and wrong and if what she was taught was misunderstood views of who and what the enemy was.  She ends up constantly shadowing Mao and watching his every move and slowly it becomes clear she falls for him.  It is almost comical about how often when they are together they behave as if they are already married or have been married for years.  The show they are in almost creates a strong sense of having a heavy romantic theme but because there are too many other would be candidates and it is not quite clear anyone will be coupled, it falls to this rank.  The multiple choice element is one of the reasons it lacks clarity on whom the intended couple will be made up of, but based on howt he story went, Emi comes out as the best most obvious and most perfect choice for Maou.

19 Hayate AYASAKI


He shares a similar background to Hinagaku as well as intrests.  She is a cute school girl primmed and proper and not quite the atypical girl next door but maybe slightly improved on the concept.  It becomes pretty clear to anyone watching the show, he should be with Hinagaku and they make a perfect couple.  Honestly, no one should have to suffer living with his boss.  However, the series' writers try to shove a relationship down our throats with Hayate's sadistic, undeserving, inappropriate, mismatched, and hateful boss.

20 Hinagiku KATSURA

Hinagiku KATSURA

She first is a bit belligerent to Hayate but as they share several similarities and just look great as a couple, plus she does show signs shes falling for him quite clearly.  Of all the ladies in the show, she is the only one to treat him like a human or a gentleman.  So easily no one else deserves him but her.

21 Arslan


What makes for a cooler romantic story than falling for the enemy and vice versa? Well maybe there are a few things but not many.  Whether he ends up with her or not is kind of a moot point given how well and thoroughly the story up until now has pushed him together with Etoile in a fateful like way to boot.  If he does not end up with her, it will seriously hurt the story.

22 Etoile


When you keep meeting the same person over and over again like it was destinly screaming in your ear, you just know it has to be more than just your guts telling you that you should be with that person.  Despite being on opposite sides of a war, this girl shows concern for Arslan from the very first moment they meet though it is under trying circumstances.  She never actually shows true intent to bring him to harm or let any come to him.  They eventually also share common intrests and goals like the future of slavery.  Most good stories and animes among them with a romantic twist have a tendency to use forshadowing like early meetings or such, well they do that with these two.  It is their karma telling us, her and Arslan belong together and if the writers screw it up, they are sabotaging their own story.

23 Osamu MIKUMO


Chika is like a sister to him though at times I feel like the show is leading me to believe there is a possible romantic intrest but doing it forcefully where it doesn't really fit.  At first, it doesn't seem like Ai is a good fit either but like a good love story, they are constantly meeting each other when it counts.  They make a great couple but these iffy sidetrack interests keep them from a higher rank.



Other than Misaki she is one of the best examples of a tsundenere love.  She constantly denies his existance or talks down about him yet secretly worries harm will come to him and tries to help or save him when the opportunity comes up.  Like Misaki, she frequently vehemently denies any intrest in him to her friends and herself.  At the same time, there are feelers for her liking another guy which puts a bit of a damper on this being the top ranked perfect couple example.

25 Kazuma SATOU

Kazuma SATOU

You almost wonder the real reason he dragged Aqua into the new world, was it to punish her for teasing him, was he serious, or maybe was it cause he fell for how cute she was?  Despite how often he calls her useless, he is with her more than anyone else and constantly has to help her get along in the world as if her helpess incompetent nature somehow attracts a deep seeded need in him to help such a hopeless yet powerful girl.  Even in the new world, he is pretty low ranked in skills and power in the beginning but still has to be the smart and mature one bailing Aqua out of trouble way more than someone of her status should be or should need it.  This no doubt plays on one of the atypical male's need to 'save' or 'help' a girl in trouble and Aqua plays that quite well.  In the end, this creates a great perfect couple.

26 Aqua


She might be a goddess but she is intellectually challenged, blessed with horrible luck, and is totally incompetent and helpless just like Kazuma's nickname for her, but she is also one of the cutest characters in anime in both looks and personality.  She constantly needs Kazuma to bail her out or help her navigate the world she is otherwise totally lost in.  I get the feeling the writers try to make Darkness a love intrest but, she just does not pull it off as well as Aqua. Aqua's status as a goddess might make a romantic relationship impractical but her helpless cute little girl constantly in need of aid just makes her too appealing of a love interest for the helpful, heroic, confident, and independent Satou.

27 Kousuke UEKI

Kousuke UEKI

Ueki isn't much different than Aqua.  He is pretty powerful and witting in combat but pretty oblivious to everything else around him like dangers he puts himself into.  In this story, Ai Mori plays the part of the woman constantly feeling the urge to help someone hopeless and in trouble out, a boy.  It is a reverse of the previous couple of Aqua and Kazuma.  Maybe it could be a play on the atypical woman's need to change her man.  Animes do love to play with stereotypes quite alot.  Ueki actually needs her help often to keep him from getting into too much trouble cause Ueki seems to attract it.  Luckily he has Mori to help him out when needed.

28 Ai MORI


It is many a girls' dream to be paired up with a guy who needs them and is in dire need of change for the better that only they can guide the guy through.  And here we have a prime example of that kind of girl and that kind of relationship with her and Ueki.  Ueki is so careless and clueless about consequences of his actions and everything around him when all he can do is focus on the need in front of him that clearly needs that womanly guidance.  They are almost a perfect couple but Ueki's cluelessness extends to his inability to realize how significant and importat Ai is in his life and neglects to respond to her attention adequately thus this would be perfect couple gets a lower rank.  It is still stronger and more clear of a relationship than it is in many a anime however.

29 Shiroe


It is hard to tell if he is just intentionally aloof to Akatsuki's advances or is just that cluelessly ignorant about her.  He would have to be pretty foolish not to realize it and given his supposed intellect, I just find that hard to believe.  On the flip side however, he has not exactly shown strong interest in any one girl strongly yet, though he does keep Akatsuki by his side alot and she was with him from the very first episode, so that might say something about how he feels about her.  Sure he keeps Naotsugu to but you can tell it is more like brothers or best friends with them.  However, I do hope the writers so not plan to let this teasing the viewers go on too much longer, they really need to clarify it a bit more by season three.

30 Akatsuki


For whatever reason, Akatsuki has been head over heels in love with Shiroe from the get go starting at episode one though it is even implied that it dates before that.  True given the avatar she had before that she could probably never have expressed it.  She does have this super cute vibe going for her in looks and to a great degree, her behavior too, especially when it comes to Shiroe.  Perhaps nothing emphasizes this as much as the closing sequence of season too when she is pictured dreaming.  In her dream she goes from jealousy over Minori, to the biggest smile she ever had in the series when Shiroe shows up as she awakes.  Then again, you get a pretty good idea of her lovestruck nature all through the series pretty well.

31 Vincent LAW

Vincent LAW

Vincent is almost like Ueki.  He seems to be aware of his fate with Re-l but either never acts upon it or never realizes what such frequent fateful encounters mean.  The little girl ai that hangs out with him is cute and all and very loyal and helpful to him but her kinship is more like that of a sister, daughter, or help bot than a romantic relationship.  Re-l though obviously cares about him from quite early in the story as she worries about him every time she sees him in danger.  Some relationships my not be intended by the writers but the way the stories flow such as this one, it becomes crystal clear to the veiwers that this or that couple are the perfect choice in any given series. In this case it is strongly suggested by the flow of the story but we never exactly see mutual acknowledgement that they realize they are in fact a couple either. Perhaps if it ever gets more seasons or episodes that realization will happen.

32 Re-l MAYER


Re-l is alot like Aiz Wallenstein or BaoBao from Hitori No Shita.  She comes off the screen as very unemotional, detached, and even robotic though she is human.  Yet her, encounters with, and concern for Vincet Law reveal a crack in her emotional protective armor.  She starts to realize what emotions are as she questions her own life and interacts with her would be destined one, Vincent.  It is really only with help that she even has genuine character because without that gift to her she would just seem far too despondant to care about as a character or even see any depth within.  Thus, they are a perfect couple.  It is not always revealed flat out any of these pairings are couples within their respective animes, but from their behavior and flow of the story, couples like hers and Vincent's jump out at viewers as the obvious choice.

33 Bell CRANEL


Bell falls in love with Aiz at first sight.  What better way to start off an anime with a strong element of love and romance?  It does not reach top rank because though there are strong indications of mutual love between them and more so for Bell being in love with Aiz, Aiz's lack of emotional response or any physical signs she has fallen for Bell, push this perfect couple lower rank on this list.  Despite this lack of expected emotionally physical displays of infatutation it is still pretty apparent she does in fact feel something for Bell like wise, it just might not be certain that it is intimate love judging by appearances.  The show does somewhat center around a love interest angle since that is what gives Bell his main skill power and drives him to increase his abilities so much and so fast.  Aiz just needs to show a smile or something around him to indicate more clearly how strongly she probably feels about him.



Like Bell above, it becomes apparent that she must have fallen for him about the same time he falls for her.  Bell is constantly on her mind through out the series.  Anytime his name or likeness is mentioned her eyes and ears perk up to pay closer attention.  Her love for Bell is a bit more sublte and muted than for most 'in love' characters but it is still pretty clear she does have the same feellings for him as he does for her.  Though it is also somewhat clear that she either does not fully realize this or maybe she just does not recognize what it is she is feeling for him.

35 Natsuru SENOU

Natsuru SENOU

Natsuru is in an unusual situation where he has two forms but Shizuku likes either form though she prefers his natural one more.  Natsuru though is a rather clumsy, non commital, introverted, dope when it comes to love or realizing anyone likes him.  However among all the harem-esque candidates, only Shizuku's feels anywhere near healthy or normal.  One is a childhood friend who lived near him for years and always wrote to him but never once hinted she might like him.  One is a so called Kampfer ally who insults him constantly and tries to kill him more than any of his enemies.  And one is a neighbor he has a crush on, but who is not into guys and never shows more than a vague friendly face to his original form yet loves his alternate form.  Yes, from those contenders, only Shizuku seems remotely normal or healthy.  

36 Shizuku SANGOU

Shizuku SANGOU

It may not be entirely clear why she develops a crush on Natsuru but hers is the only one that seems fitting, reasonble, healthy, genuine, real, or normal.  Kaede has a weird split personality and it is hard to tell which one is the real her or if she is something else entirely.  She ignored Natsuru as a prospective love interest for years and only saw him as a neighbor.  It even seems unlikely she ever met him at school.  It feels like Kaede's more aggressive wicked personality only pretends to fall for him to manipulate him.  Akane's so called love also feels fake or forced plus she tries to kill him constantly even upon first contact.  She is not a good choice.  And Mikoto could have confessed her feelings long ago and many times over if she were serious.  As close as they supposedly were it simply makes no sense why she would hide that. Shizuku though seems to be seriously interested in him from the get go and is the only one not afraid to act upon those feelings immediately.  Her straightforward assertiveness is actually attractive.  You can not help but want her to win in the end.  She is a perfect and necessary contrast to the shy introverted Natsuru and her ambitious outgoing nature is sure to benefit him.  Perfect couple indeed.

37 Takatoshi TSUDA

Takatoshi TSUDA

Tsuda is in somewhat of a reverse position with respect to standard gender stereotypes.  He is the one flirted with and sexually harassed and/or even bossed around or pushed around by the girls.  Tsuda subtly hints he likes Shino but Shino is almost like a predator with him in her sights and she loves to dangle in above a pit of sharks or like a cat play with her food before devouring it.  Tsuda essentially takes a more submissive like traditional girl position in this blooming relationship with the confident Shino.  While Shino and her friend tend to act more like brazen, obstinate, and perverted old men or overly horny school jocks.

38 Shino AMAKUSA


Shino occasionally shows her more tender girlish side around Tsuda but usually that is just to lure him into something or set him up for more embaressing pranks or harassment.  If she were a male boss in the U.S., she would get sued and fired for her overt harassment and perverted behavior around Tsuda. It is truly a kind of gender role reversals here at least with respect to more tradional gender stereo types.  However even regarding that and pervy jocks, or co workers, she tends to go a bit above and beyond the standard male pervert.  Still Tsuda takes her outbursts in Abbott and Costello straight man like stride.

39 Randel OLAND

Randel OLAND

It may not be clear how he views Alice, but he does tend to get a bit more anxious to protect her or come to her rescue when she is in trouble.  He clearly has feelings for her but it may not be as clear if they are romantic ones.  Still he plays the role of a over protective boyfriend or sometimes perhaps like a relative, quite well.  He struggles with his own internal demons created by a traumatic past that Alice seems to be able to bring him out of.

40 Alice L. MALVIN


Alice tends to be a bit more clear she might have more than just co worker feelings for Randel.  As with many not at the top part of this list, she and Randel look like a perfect couple and the set up to explore such a thing fully is present in the anime Pumpkin Scissors, but it is never quite made bluntly clear.  Perhaps the best romances leave it up to your imagination to fill in the blanks. Still she does tend to look at him in a more worriesome manner than any other of her friends or underlings which strongly suggests she might have a place in her heart for him.

41 Ledo


Ledo is one of the most unexpectly mature; put together; sound; solid; dependable; more or less ordinary, in a good way; reliable; steady; and cool hero protagonist characters of any anime.  He is the kind of character most people would aim to be like and be happy to pursue such a high grade type of fellow as him.  The subtle but obvious budding romance with Amy, starts out slowly enough but keeps pushing at a steady pace all through the anime with plenty of tell tale signs and hints that there is something forming there.  You could almost say he was the Magna Cum Laude of the local college or high school dating the most magnetic female student.  Slow might not seem like the best kind of romantic love interest you would find in any story or tv show like this but it works and works well.  Not all romances need to be showy or quick. 

42 Amy


You can almost feel her heart on her sleeve outlook on the world spring to life when she first comes into contact with Ledo.  Like a true budding romance should be, she is the first and for a while only one around who is willing to trust Ledo or give him a chance.  Her enthusiasm is so strong it gradually affects everyone around her to coming around to give him a shot as well.  You might say she has a naive point of view on things or perhaps she can just sense the aura of what someone truly is.  Whatever gives her such insight, she moves in close to Ledo early and often to become a clear infatuation for him though somewhat subtly paced and kept just under the full blown lovey dovey expression of love you might expect from newly in love younger couples.  She might not seem as smart or mature as Ledo but her energy, trusting nature in him, and positive out look offset Ledo's flaws near perfectly.  

43 Subaru NATSUKI


Subaru's love for Emilia seems pretty one sided.  All the resets and lost memories by everyone but him make it pretty hard for him to keep straight who knows what.  The resets make it hard for the other characters to understand Subaru.  In his mind, he thinks he is already friends with several characters even if he realizes it was reset, you just know he probably can not help thinking it already happened.  It is more apparent given his actions as well.  Despite this strenuous condition he has among friends and more, he still seems to find a way to meet or get close to the same people over and over again and build up the same level of trust.  Yet, there is that deja vu thing.  Maybe the other characters like Emilia realize or suspect they have met him before and or feel something for him as friend or more based on those unexplained senses.  Well that does seem to be party what happens between Emelia and him.  There is a lot of friction while building up a budding relationship with Emelia and you probably want to hope it pays off.  

44 Emilia


Nobody likes Emilia despite being cute.  She is said too look like the taboo witch and that ostracizes her often from others.  Well I can understand that, what I do not understand is why being elf or half elf would be such a thorn of contention.  That part is never explained.  For whatever reason, few people want to befriend or get close to Emilia so maybe that is why she likes Subaru early on like when he says her half elf status is a positive thing much to her shock.  It feels a bit forced in a way and not quite mutual.  I almost get the sense Emilia and Subaru are more like a couple going through divorce then building up love, but I stil have hope it works out and better signs revealing a true mutual interest appear.  The conditions are certainly right for such a thing, he saved her and she saved him a few times each and neither judges the other. Her for him smellling like a witch which for some reason makes most others that sense it uncomfortable.  And him for her being a half elf that looks like the taboo witch.  Though they look like they could and should be a perfect couple, that constant distancing and closing atmosphere make it hard to manage or place at the top.  Plus there are feelers for another pairing with Subaru.  Thus this perfect couple gets a lower rank on the chart.

45 Akihito KANBARA


For those who seen this series you may wonder, why isn't Mirai here.  Well that is for obvious reasons.  In no world would it make sense for someone like Mirai to be considered a perfect spouse for anyone let alone for someone she constantly kills, tries to kill, or cause harm to.  Akihito is basically looked upon by everyone as someone to avoid or be biased or prejudiced against, what worse form of hate or prejudice can you get than attempted murder?  As a potential spouse, Mirai fails miserably so she is just not deserving enough to fit the bill.  Akihito is too kind toward a nutjob like her.  Mitsuki on the other hand, has been like a childhood friend and the first and only person I ever saw in the series to not seem to hate him or want to kill him from the get go.

46 Mitsuki NASE

Mitsuki NASE

This is really the only girl fit for Akihito.  She is the only one he ever met who didn't think 'hate or try to kill' first.  If you seen the ova or prequel to the series you know, Mitsuki was the first and only person to ever not see him as something to simply destroy.  This makes her a potential perfect companion to Akihito.  She doesn't look upon him with hate like every other person including yes, Mirai.  Sorry but Mirai's actions speak far louder than any words.  And somethings you just can not overcome like say attempted murder on numerous occasions.  She is cute, smart, powerful in her own right, and frequently talks to and hangs out with Akihito apparently she does so just to hang out with him.  Plus, she does not try to constantly kill him.  I have to say to she is pretty cute as well.  With Mirai, I have the gut feeling her cuteness is fake or forced upon the viewers to hide her ugly monster half that wants to destroy everything, but Mitsuki is purely and simply cute with out the need for subliminal cheat sheets like those used on Mirai.

47 Welkin GUNTHER


He is a soft hearted childhood friend of Alicia's.  When the world gets covered in the poo pile that is war, he steps up and uses his keen wit to save her and as many locals as possible.  He even gets in an antique weapon to help fight off the invaders.  It his his intellect that really helps to eventually turn the tide of the war and it can well be said he does it all for love.



You can see it in her eyes early on that she has a thing for Welkin.  She joins up with him and in his squad just to be close to him.  Welkin is not the kind of guy that exactly loves war himself but when push comes to shove and Alicia's life is on the line he can be the most terrifying force on any battlefield.  Alicia later has a surprise that makes her equally imposing on the battlefield and together they are a truly overwhelming force.  Welkin joins the war for her, she stays in it for him.  They are truly a match made in combat.

49 Saito HIRAGA


Honestly, I can't really stand this character.  He is an idiot who seems to love negative abuse like some sick twisted masochist.  Not that I am trying to call out insults to all masochists but this guys lack of the obvious and subjugation to abuse has to go beyond the mere occasional side track behind closed doors love play type we usually associate with masochism and all the way to someone who has serious issues and low self esteem.  This is all because he can't tell that the evil bitch Louise not only does not love him but loves to hurt him emotionally and physically more than his worst enemies.  However, Henrietta seems to have a more genuine heart and if he actually fell for her like he should, the whole Zero story wouldn't seem as screwed up.  Sorry Zero writers, but you set Henrietta up as his perfect partner not the demented Louise.

50 Henrietta DE TRISTAIN


I do not know if she is jealous of Loiuse, though I can see no reason why anyone would be jealous of someone so sick and twisted and totally screwed up in the head, but she is a bit like a more lovable version of Louise and someone who Louise should be if she had a brain, soul, or heart.  In a way it would have made more sense if her personality were switched with Louise's.  How can anyone be so cocky and twisted who is yet a dysfunctional clumsy screw up is beyond me.  Louise is the type of girl Saito should be interested in for his own good too.  If Saito were as equally twisted and perverted as Louise, it might have helped and made more sense if they had forshadowed why he would have fallen for and accepted an insane psychopath like Louise over Henrietta, but based on his personality when he isn't acting like a sad obedient abuse loving dog, Henrietta's personality is a much better match to Saito's.  They should be a truly perfect couple.


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LavanderGirl Dec 23, 2019

Norman & Emma deserve to be in this list (The Promised Neverland.) 

Chamality Jul 18, 2019

Everyone else: Mini to long paragraphs

Maou and Emi: Essay 

Enseiii Apr 15, 2019

ai and ueki are too precious <3

PhoenixHiko Nov 8, 2016

I agree that Saito and Henrietta should have gotten together. I've never liked Louise myself much. Sure, she had some adorable moments or when she's funny, but because of her poor attitude and tendancy to act like a sadist, I never got behind her. Henrietta is among my favorite Fmailiar of Zero characters, and I would have loved to see Saito choose Henrietta over Louise.

Epimondas Sep 23, 2016

Thank you :)