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Ehhhh.....well there's not much to say about me besides that I love watching anime and playing video games. Most of my friend's call me Envy am not envious of no one. My top anime and manga are in no order. Am always looking for more anime to watch. I tend to find anime and watch them in one day if it good and not to long to watch in one day. My favorite genre to watch Shoujo-Ai of course!! xD And also Ecchi!! Love it. Comedy and Slice of Life and Mecha's. Least favorite genre would be Romance..... unless it's a girlxgirl romance (biased I know =_=) other than that I don't like romance. But there's a few that I will end up watching and liking but that's rare for me tho. And I also don't care to much for sports anime either. You won't see any anime in the I won't watch section since I like to give all anime's a shot that....I may tell myself I won't watch it but then I may end up watching it and liking it so yeah that's why you won't see that in the won't watch section.

I'll update this later when I stop been lazy about it.....until ask me anything you wanna know.


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snowninja26 May 10, 2013

Hey I do follow you on twitter jsyk, I'll get on to skype soon!

snowninja26 Jan 2, 2012

Happy New Year ENVY!!!! I'm sorry, I promise to be on more often...sometime this year ( '.')9 . Just kidding, I'll try my best to get on sooner rather than later. Which messenger are you using most?

snowninja26 Apr 13, 2011

yeah I actually use skype a lot more often than i do AIM because i can use it on my phone but for some reason the AIM app doesn't let me log in. because of that and i travel a lot with my parents to places so i can't use my computer for AIM. do you have a skype account?

snowninja26 Apr 12, 2011


Sorry i haven't been on at all i had a lot of homework and couldn't get on =(

i'll try to get on soon

Quicks1lv3r Feb 4, 2011

Heya! Great taste in Anime :)

I hope you have a great day!