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Hey, I'm Entoma!
I'm sorta popular on the discord server 'Kanna Gang' for my creative way of speaking!
I LOVE to write light novels. I get a lot of inspiration from my friends and sometimes I get ideas from the titles of movies or light novels. I'm a weirdo :P
My favorite animes are as follows:
Knights and Magic

Overlord actually inspired my light novel 'Undead King Draig'. Although I don't think I'm going to release it on a website :P
Another light novel I'm working on is 'After the Flash' is set in the distant future (Year 6072) The story is about an emotionless girl that was stripped of her family and her emotions when she was (un)luckily choosen to be in a mech program by the Union (All of North America and South America), who has been in a war against the Quaisn (Europe, Asia, and Africa). After discovering killing makes her feel an immense amount of the emotion 'joy'. I don't want to spoil to much but it one of those 'other world' light novels. (Please don't hate me ;-;)

If you wish to contact me my Discord is [·.·♥ Nazarick Maid NPC ♥·.·#0747] (Remove the '[]', I put those there to show you when my username starts and ends)

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ImnR Mar 24, 2018

Yeah Demiurge is amazing, and Eclair too! Its nice to see Eclair getting the respect he deserves with the final part of the anime intro! Volume 13 needs to hurry up :(

ImnR Jan 27, 2018

Entoma best girl <3 <3 <3

lindapearl Jan 24, 2018

Hello, welcome to anime-planet. Hope you enjoy your time here