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A quick update. It's 18th of feb, 2023. Life has been very... dark, for me. And I haven't spent so much time watching anime, and so I haven't really been updating my lists. Sorry! I will get back to it soon, and hope there's loads of good new anime out!
Also heard something about a new studio on SDS??? Pog!

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JustAkeno Mar 27, 2023

Saying hi to all my followers again! Hello <3

Mighy my what has gone on in these comments...

JustAkeno Aug 23, 2021

you sound very suspicious but i'll trust you on that one.

JustAkeno Aug 22, 2021

ayy totally thought you'd be some 20 y/o lolicon but you just updated your info (unless i'm imagining things), but you're just a woman with humour. actually i take that back. women can be lolicons too but that's besides the point. the point is i judge people wayyy too much based on their profile pages ahahahah.

JustAkeno Aug 22, 2021

ahahahah ok i didn't expect this to feel so weird being your.... uhhh... not to make it sound weird but, your first 0.0

JustAkeno Aug 22, 2021

Amazing profile page. Shame you don't follow anyone back though lol. Making us seem like a bunch of SIMPS. I am a simp though so I'm not offended <3