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Fuck Buddy

Dec 18, 2021


Wow! I'm impressed! My very first idea of this was of a most likely raunchy BL comic, predictable, with not much depth and just not meant to be taken seriously, but nevertheless hot and entertaining, there is nothing wrong with raunchy comics, but I always appreciate when a BL story offers something more. And this did, upon reading the other reviews I altered my expectations accordingly and even so, it still surprised me! This is about two dysfunctional men carrying their own emotional luggage and finding true love and solace with each other, it started off as how you would expect from the initial concept and as the story progressed it became more real, complex and meaningful, touching on heavy subjects, and by the end, it results in a beautiful love story with a sweet and likable couple! Which was not the case in the beginning lol. Not to mention this has great sex scenes, as one can presume, there are a lot of them lol. For critique, I guess I wish for a little bit more elaboration, their so called "strong libido" seemed more like downright nymphomania, so I think something like that needed to be more addressed than it was, but it could just be me and regardless the author still did an amazing job in seven chapters. I definitely recommend this if you aren't looking for fluff!

?/10 story
?/10 art
?/10 characters
7.5/10 overall

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