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The Big Apple

Dec 5, 2021


This accounts for season one, quick disclaimer, and I really liked it! I can see this getting popular amongst BL readers, if it isn't already. It has an interesting story with beautiful art to accompany it, not to mention heavy on the smut and other juicy factors that are big in the BL genre lol, but above all, it's crafted in a way to easily appeal and please, like a blockbuster movie, not necessarily the most developed and deep, but successful in box offices and throughly entertaining. I'm not saying this is mindless, but basically popular material lol. I also must note there is a supernatural aspect, apparently there is this magical underworld which Joachim's agency deals with, unfortunately I felt like this lacked proper explanation, which is a problem because it's an important part of the story, but maybe it will be further elaborated in season two. Furthermore, I actually don't think it mixed smoothly with the obsession factor too, which is really the core of this manhwa, (at least of this season), btw it takes a while to kick in and the relationship between the MCs was so nice initially that I actually got sad when it happened lol, and because of prior events that got me invested like the whole ordeal with Joachim's job, I was thrown off in the beginning of it. So I think it's valid for me to advise to keep in mind this story is very much about obsession, it just doesn't happen straightaway. I could go on but I don't want this review to be too long! So I'm going to end here and throw in my recommendation to read this!

?/10 story
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7.5/10 overall
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