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Big BL comic fan! Especially manhwas, using this site exclusively for that lol, I also do reviews on most of what I read and I have some lists, so there's that. 

My grading system if anyone is curious: 

⭐️ (5) brilliant 

⭐️ (4.5) amazing 

⭐️ (4) good - decent 

⭐️ (3.5) smth lackluster about it 

⭐️ (3 - below) bad - terrible

My absolute favorite:

Life on anime

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Life on manga

  • 45 Minutes
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Manga ratings

  • 5
  • 4.5
  • 4
  • 3.5
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besidetheself Jan 11, 2023

Thank you, happy holidays to you as well!

Kaeseolin Jan 2, 2023

You're welcome, how was your weekend going so far? I hope you are doing well these days :)

Kaeseolin Jan 1, 2023

Happy New Year! May all your wishes come true!

xxNEETxx Dec 24, 2022

Thanks! I'm sure I will. Any plans for the holidays? Just wanted to wish you Happy Holidays!

xxNEETxx Nov 7, 2022


Yes I heard all about Bolsanaro. Media said he's Trump light. Lula doesn't sound that great either. But I guess he's better than the alternative.

Yeah, I experienced discrimination but I never asked my fiance. He's from a country where the majority is ethnic Chinese. We are getting married in the Summer. It will be a courthouse wedding.

OIC. For some reason, I thought it is hard to be vegan in some countries. In Asia, many people are vegetarian so it's not that hard. They do vegetarian better than some Western countries, IMHO. Some of the vegan options here are not very appetizing at all. In China you can get mock duck and other things.

Sorry to hear that you didn't like the UK. Why didn't you like it? Is it because it's cold and rainy? I haven't left North America, but we are going to Australia for our honeymoon.

This is also why I don't have TikTok. I have Twitter but never use it. I'm thinking about canceling it just to make a point.

Amazon isn't social media, but it's really big here. Yes. This is the biggest and cheapest place to buy online! Like I said, they know everything about you. They also want to set up these brick and mortar store where you don't even have to pay. They have cameras and your handprint. They charge you as you put things in your basket. So there's no checkout. I find this very invasive. They have also developed an algorithm to predict what my size  and weight will be in the next few years based on what I buy now. Some expensive fridges will monitor if you are low on something like milk. And Amazon can purchase it for you. Or sign you up for a subscription.

But I really hate it when my fiance and I are talking about something and Amazon Alexa will suddenly respond. This is an indication that it's listening in. Google app does that too, but we don't have any of their apps-- aside from whatever is installed in our phones. They have also gotten in trouble for eavesdropping.

We don't have very many high rise in this part of CA. This is why living here is so expensive. We are on the second floor. That's as high as it gets. Every body goes to the mall to trick or treat.

Have a good week too, TTYS