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Feb 23, 2021

NO SPOILERS Reviewed at: chapter 69

Story (7): Honestly I'm a sucker for these kind of kingdom/management of people or territory stories. I enjoy seeing the main charcthers accumulate strength it truly is a pleasure. Other than that the story flows nicely with a unique touch of making it a diary almost. One thing about the story is the mature themes often used especially at the beginning but as long as you can get past that the base story is an above average read that will keep you intrested.

Art(6): Honestly this was the biggest problem, they lost so much potential with bad art. Though you could say that this is the cause of using lots of words per panel. Either way the fights were often underwhelming but outside the diffcult to understand action thr art was average so to not ruin the reading experience. 

Charcther (7): Probably what I believe to be the strong point is the fact that every side character is involved deeply with our main character somehow and his fellow kin (so to not ruin who they are) all have a special relationship with our MC and it's quite enjoyable to watch their growth. The author did a great job managing to large amount to characters making even the irrelevant ones become relevant again or to serve some purpose so not just cast away anything. 

Overall(6.7): why the low review? Well 2 reasons. 1) art. Simply put it caused the the story become underwhelming at some points. 2) There are a lot of amazing manga and I want to be as subjective as possible as to not let my own biass for this type of mangs take over. Personally if you enjoy these type of stories it's easily a 8+ but let's say your just a normal reader I believe that this review to you would mean its an above average read! 

7/10 story
6/10 art
7/10 characters
6.7/10 overall
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