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KonaIzumi Jun 26, 2015

Konnichiwa Elly-chan!

The link UVERworld and IMPACT are the same :3 It just can't be show the whole thing in the same link and it goes down to continue the phrase. But I'm glad you like it and thank you so much for listening ^^ You're the first one who tolds me about it, so I wonder if someone else bothers to listen it :0

Did you know about UVERworld before or it was your time listening to them?

I do know Wagakki Band!! and is actually one of my favorite bands :3 I love how they mix Jrock music with the japanese traditional instruments :D And all together with the excellent voice of the singer, is just perfect! :3 My favorite song is Senbonzakura ~

Also, thanks for the kind words about my profile! :D I've to go now, but let's talk some more tomorrow!

Ja nee ~~ !! :3

ThunderFoXdk Jun 26, 2015

hey. saw that you were writing with Kona-san.

And couldn't help and see that you like the band Wagakki band.

So do i think that they are really great :) 

Sorry for barging like this :P 

Megabox Jun 26, 2015


I have not played the game because i dont like VP games, they are boring to play hehe

have you played Grisaia? and have you watched at the last episode  as well?

Megabox Jun 26, 2015

Konnichiha!I'm fine and you?^_^

LOL, COD, and FIFA it's mine that I play most, I usually also play Counter-Strike Global Offensive,Hearthstone and Heroes of the storm

my kind of music is Rap Music, some of Electronic Music(Trap Nation),Hip Hop and soft music

what kind of music to you listen to? and are you playing any game at the moment? ^_^

Marre0313 Jun 22, 2015

Koniciwwaa Ellogeamer chaan! ;)

I love your bio btw, when i have time i will watch it and im watching angel beats now and its a beautiful series and the opening and music its just lovitlovit!

If you like tokyo ghoul and death note i think you should watch death parade and if you like horror i think you shoul watch mirai nikki and elfen lied if you havent alredy :)