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lindapearl Jan 14, 2019

I did. I hope you did as well. 

RoseCandle14 Jan 14, 2019

Yes I did, thank you!

Vashyron Jan 14, 2019

Hi-yo ! 

I am very interested in your beautiful avatar shoujo. Can i know who it is? :)  

PS. Good bio, honest and direct. I like it

Dracarys20 Jan 6, 2019


Seriously no need to apologise, i have been inactive for months now because of work and stuff. I feel bad for not being able to chat more here :(

I have been rewatching GoT season 1 and back when i started it, it was quite shocking on how crude they were. Like they don't shy away nudity and the scenes are pretty graphic too but i kinda got used to it over the many years. I have not read the books because i wanted to stay a fan of the show. Idk how i really feel about Dany and Jon- i mean they are related. And its gross... It feels like fanservice because so many fans wanted it to happen. I just want Bran to reveal everything, that will be so fun! Anyway we will get a brand new season- the last one in about 3 months so i'm pretty excited about it! Just let Arya kill Cersei and i will super happy abt it!

I watched Kokkoku too-it was a good anime. But 2018 had its good anime. Some i adored was BNHA s3, Steins;Gate 0. Fall 2018 was a bit disappointing to me. I dropped many anime and only kept Golden Kamuy 2. 

I will try to reply sooner too ;) See you!

lindapearl Dec 25, 2018

Happy Holidays!